Tuesday, 29 November 2011

New year resolutions?

Is there a need to wait for new year to come? I think not. This is because most of them are pending resolutions from previous years anyway. XD
At least for me la. Fail.........

Im thinking of starting small.....and then see how it goes when new year comes. Discipline has always been a problem for me. Sigh.....
So what are the small things I can do leh?

Sleeping before 11pm......
Eat dinner before 9pm....
Jogging every alternate morning and evening.
Basketball every alternate evening.
Save a certain amount of $$ in my bank....

Hmm.... I tend to add more "..." in the areas I am more likely to fail.....
Well, the "pre-new year resolution" seems pretty simple and legit enough.
Lets get started.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is one of those things I will do absolutely anything to avoid. The amount of stress and time wasted is phenomenal. Monetary waste is inevitable anyway, so meh.....
The thing is, its not only about infrastructure, where the common people place the blame on. Common people keep on complaining about the government, on how they are unable to provide decent (and cheap) infrastructures to combat traffic jam.
Well, this is only half correct. The government fell short in handling the issue, but the focus of blame is entirely off the mark.

The vehicles on the road kept on increasing, day by day. There is no development in this world that can cope with these numbers. Having 3-4 vehicles in each household is so common nowadays. Mine is guilty for 6+1. Mestilah Jam ini macam!!!!

I would propose a system where only "qualified" buyers can purchase a car. Not in term of distance to work. That is just another screwed up system. "Qualified" buyers mean - a person can only purchase a car if his/her income falls under a certain bracket. Lets say in Lembaga Hasil term, the 19%, 24% and 26% bracket.
Each bracket will only allows purchase for a certain number of cars.
19% bracket - 1 car. Once you reach 24% bracket, only are you allowed for 2 cars. When you reach 26%, you can buy your 3rd car.

Now, I am not trying to discriminate anybody. This method can solve hell lot of problems, and gives another hell lot of benefits.
For One, less traffic Jam.
For Two, people who wants to buy car, wont under declare their income - more revenue for the government.
For Three, more people will have to go for public transport - and this is where the hell of benefits come in.

We can imagine the influx of people going for public transportation if the above is implemented. This generates income for the Transport companies. This will prevent the stoppage of routes because of low passenger rate (reported in the news, if you read news). This is why I said I am not discriminating in this case. This will only help low-income people as their bus route can continue operation, and they can still go to school or work, cheaply.

When this happens, more than a few companies will want to have their hands in the cookie jar. Competitions will ensue and better, more affordable and comfortable form of transit will surface - directly benefiting the masses. The revenue will also generate more taxes for the government.

So if they are worrying about loss of revenue from car sales taxes, we are already providing so much more for them. Personal income tax declarations, and transport companies taxes.
The ONLY downside of this proposal, is we will see the fall of Proton in no time. Why?
If a sane minded people under this beautiful proposal can afford one car, in his income bracket, will he buy a Proton?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Earthquake at my footsteps

Minor earthquake hits Kundasang, Sabah

Woah, this is not the 1st case. In such a short time too.
It seems that all the areas I visit for holiday/vacation purposes will be hit by an earthquake not long after I leave.

I leave a trail of destruction behind me, everywhere I go.
Lets take the mighty lady word as an advice. Human getting too greedy, advance too much into technology.
So got earthquake. Looks like I got a robot feet

Monday, 22 August 2011

TNB meter tampering

There has been news on TNB combating power thefts all over the place. This is a very good step. This can prevent humongous amount of electricity wastage, and also increase efficiency in so many levels. Lesser carbon footprint, more profit for TNB, smaller bills for the average consumers, just to name a few.

However, despite the positive move, being in BolehLand, we somehow always manage to screw things up. Sad but true reality.
Its pathetic that TNB kept giving the same excuse over and over again - "meter has been tampered with" for EVERY freaking case. When asked for prove, they provided none. Its already a standard protocol for them to announce every single entity who uses TNB meter that they had already modify/tamper with it.

Its easy, its convenient, and at the end of the day, you dont really have to do anything other than slapping a fine on the consumers. Tak puas? Go complain la. We will still put the "outstanding" amount in the bill anyway. While many industry or household consumers did tamper with their meter, it is still a very moronic and typical Bolehland way for TNB to handle power thefts in such manner.

One question they need to ask themselves is, what is the quality of their meter in the 1st place? Can they even blame consumers if their own meter didnt take accurate readings from the beginning?

A good intention, a good measure.
Bolehland style, bolehland management.
A screwed up situation

Monday, 25 July 2011

Mega Sales!!!!

Oh no!!! The dreaded period is here. 30% here, 40% there. Crap!!!!
Why are the boutiques torturing me? I need to stop spending demmit!! Ok, maybe not to stop spending, I need to stop myself from keep buying, demmit!!!
Although I did already make a few innocent retail purchases. Oh Im doomed.

Do I need a laptop backpack? Need hor? Or dont need? Crap...Say dont need demmit!!! Whatever laptop bag I am using, I am still me. Correct? Say correct demmit!!!

Yay. Yeah...I dont need to buy anything already. I am perfectly fine now. Everything can self sustain itself now.
Good good. So, no more buying ok? OK??!?!
But what about that shoe? Can use for work......oh crap. Fuck off u devil!!!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Plight of Malaysian Students

Everytime we hear about Malaysian students get good academic results, we rejoice. But does the result shows our real worth, intellectually? Refer to my previous entry.

Everytime we hear about MCA helping students, or chinese students who deserve but fails to get fair treatment from our Education system, we rejoice. But in reality, is MCA helping the students? Or are we in constant blackmailing from them?

For me, MCA didnt help the students. If they sincerely trying to help, the students, and us, will not be in such a humiliating situation in the first place. I feel like the Malaysia community is held under ransom by the very organisation  which supposed to be representing or help us.
"You dont vote for us, you wont get help"
"You dont vote for us, you dont have representative in the parliment"

Why did the students fail to get what they deserve in the first place? The students incompetence? Or our "wakil rakyats" incompetence?
Why did the students need help to get what they deserve?
Why you need to act like a hero, when you are actually the devil?
Ok, you might not be the devil, but you are the devil's konco.

I plead with the people who rejoice whenever they heard success stories on "MCA helped students blah blah blah" to stop their ignorance. Stop being naive and so easily manipulated by words.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Its the same everytime.
When its near the ending, I will keep on looking back at the beginning.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

July Trip Back to Malaysia

Will be reaching Malaysia on 30th June morning.
Till 17th July Night.

Tentative plans - Officing all weekdays.
10th July morning = Tabur
16-17 July           = Camping mengamping


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Saving for Upgrade

There are a few things I want to do to my Lion. But they need $$.
So I need some planning to prepare for the upgrades.

By CNY 2012, I plan to have few things done.
  1. K&N drop in filtet                               (RM 250)
  2. Boron Nitride on strategic places         (RM 400)
  3. Front Brake disc and pad                    (RM 800)
  4. Change front 2 tyres                            (RM 1000)
Oh my....these are just few basic things I need/want to do. These are excluding those normal wear and tear parts I will be replacing along the way. Sweat. Not to mention those schedule servicing.

Ok, lets stop at 4 first. I think should be able to be done. Coincidentally, I listed them according to their priority. XD

I think tats fate then. Eh, ngam ngam notice they increase in price too. Sweat

Saturday, 21 May 2011

First Modification - Tinting and Sound Insulation

The first thing I did with my Lion was sending it to an accessory shop, which happen to be nearby Menara Nasim where I picked it up.
I did my 3M Crystalline Premium Series Tint there for RM 1800. It was:-
  • Crystalline 60 for the front windscreen
  • Crystalline 50 for the windows
  • Crystalline 40 for the rear
  • No tinting for the moonroof as it is rather pointless and I done want to reduce the VLT  
I am not sure if it is the car colour, or its because of the tint. The white Lion is not as hot as the old black Saga after a period of parking under the hot sun. I can still feel the heat though. Is Malaysia weather that bad? I will need more experience with other brands of window tint to compare how good the 3M tint really is.

The second thing I did, in that same shop was some basic sound insulation. I was there only for doors insulation. As I will be beside the doors (as well as the passengers), I thought it will be prudent to reduce noises from the doors first. To everyone's surprise (after removing the door panels), there are already existing 3M Acoustic Insulation Solutions (NVH) in place. 

Luckily I didnt plan to install the same thing in. I did the GSI sound proofing on four of the Lion's doors to compliment the 3M insulation (also doors). They cost me RM 680. Desmond, the owner of the shop poisoned me to get 2 extra treatments done. One was to also insulate underneath the back seat cushions. Apparently noise vibrates through the huge empty column there. I did a small comparison on the before and after insulation, and the difference is obvious. The hall-like echo-ish noise was eliminated. There was another area that I treated but I forgot which area was it. =_='
They cost me additional several hundreds more bucks.....The chamness.

The only comparison I was able to make was the back insulation. For the doors, I didnt have enough mileage to make a fair comment. However, after the whole process, the Lion is very very serene to drive. Even in traffic jams, I enjoy sitting inside the car. There is virtually no noise coming from outside, even when the motorcycle pass through when I am stuck in the jam. I still can hear vehicle honks and those super loud modified motorcycle noise though. But then again, you cant really expect a total sound proof. That will make the car too dangerous to drive.

Overall, these "modifications" worth their while. Very fun, serene, and enjoyable ride.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Kelawang Drive, 13th February 2011

Some Peugeot kakis were organising a mountain drive along to Kelawang through Hulu Langat. Luckily I was back in KL for the holidays. Ngam ngam can squeeze in. I have never join any kind of drive before. This is a good chance to get to know some ppl who drive similar cars as me. Felt a bit intimidated to join though; as this is my first time driving the Lion for a mountain drive. Not familiar with the handling AND the roads. Might not be able to keep up with the rest. Furthermore, my Lion was having this to speed problem. The others were saying the Pug can go beyond 200kmph with ease. Mine was having difficulty to reach even 180kmph. The sad.....

Anyway, I made it to our meeting point in Ampang. Was not having enough sleep the previous night; celebrating a friend's buttday. I was the 4th person/car to arrive. Two 308 Turbos and a 308 GT was already there. Shortly, a sexy open top 207cc came, and also a 306gti6. The sexiest car was the most underpowered, while the least sexy car was the most powerful car that day. The irony.

We stopped at the kaki bukit of "Look Out Point" in Hulu Langat. I am familiar with this stretch, so its not much of an issue. The powerful gti leads the way while Im at the 2nd spot. After lepaking, we made our move for the warm up drive before the real kelawang drive.

We stopped again at a few places as two more kakis were supposed to join us. We did some mental warm up at the end of the Hulu Langat drive before tackling Kelawang. I have never drove here before. Chamness. I can see a lot of monkeys at the side and middle of the road. Dunno will langgar a few of them or not. This seems to be a rarely used road. Less traffic.

The first part, we couldn't really speed, as there are still spots of residential and commercial areas along the road. Small towns/kampungs actually. After we passed them, the action begins.
It was a fun ride. Not much traffic. Quite a number of corners and bends. And the never-fail-to-impress Lion. Thumbs up.

We stopped by Kelawang for breakfast. Did some ice breaking and chit chat. Friendly guys and girls. Another 308 Turbo and a skillful Satria join us. They missed the rendezvous at Hulu Langat earlier. Soon, we head off towards Lekas, to go back KL.

The ride to Lekas is a bit more challenging as traffic is more. The corners are still there. The overtaking of vehicles are now more dangerous too. I almost make a mistake when trying to overtake another car. Somehow I didnt see the incoming vehicle from the opposite direction. A near miss I can say. Phew!!! Still dont know how I can miss seeing that. I think I was too focused looking further upfront. =_="
Another near miss is when I oversteer at one of the corners. The rear wheel almost hit the grasses/earth at the curb. Oversteering a FD car. Sweat.......

Overall, it was a fun drive. And at least I can learn more about the car characteristic and handling. Another thumbs up. Additional good news is that my Lion can finally break the 200kmph with breeze. Yeah!!! Perhaps from the ECU reset. No wonder I can catch up with the rest. Yay!!!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Lion's Journey

I have seen interesting and informative blogs on their car. I can extract a lot of information from them. A very big thank you to all of you.
I am trying to log down my own journey, from a very noob perspective, and hopefully can be developed into a more mature past time.

The 308 THP is my very 1st non-national car. Some might say I am wasting money, but the little bit of cumulative joy I gained is what makes me feel alive. Its what living all about.
I am currently away, only able to visit my Lion every now and then. But the time with it, are happy times.

The only downpart is my brother had to bang it because of his driving attitude. The front bumper clip was broken and not fixed since then. It was only weeks after I got the Lion from the warehouse.
The even more sad part is within a week, another major crash to my Lion by the same brother because of the same reason, the driving attitude. The conti tyre burst from the impact and god knows what is the long term effect to the chassis. Both are not unavoidable accidents. That is the frustrating part.

Another bad decision I made was to subscribe to Cars International. A 3 year subscription, so I predict 3 years of frustrations. On the first day itself, the dial/button from the auto-cruise arm fell off. It was never retrieved as I only found out later. WTF!!!!! Luckily it is a rarely used function. But the so very young Lion has already have so many defects due to negligence from other parties other than me. Ugh......
To make things worse, Cars international doesnt really do a good job in washing and detailing of the car. You can find unwashed places all over the Lion. This is the same for all the outlets. I have tried many of them. i guess this is the price to pay for subscribing to a franchise. Should have just gone for any reputable standalone car-wash outlets, while getting hands on once in a while to enhance my detailing knowledge.

Bad things aside. It is a very wonderful car to drive. I used to be content with my previous ride. A car is used to bring you from A to B correct? The trusty Iswara did handle the job perfectly all these years. But the Lion added sheer joy to it.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Money no enough

It seems that the more I earn, the less I save.  =_="
Quite a strange yet common phenomena. Trying hard to overcome it. Haihs.

I have this friend. Whom I believe earn around 5X less than me, yet saves more than me. =_="
He is not from a rich family either and yet he never show any pokai symptom almost everyone is showing at around end of the month. Instead, he can have extra for savings and giving monetary assistance to those who need it. He is not even the kedekut type either. He joins me for makan makan, minum minum too.

So where did it went wrong? With me of course.
I need to be more like my friend described above. Right now, I find myself affording lesser than before. Everything seems more expensive. Things I used to afford, I cant afford them now!!!! 
Really something is wrong here. =_="

I dont think its the Car.
Haihs.....what went wrong huh?

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pull one out, u get 3 more.

What bloody nonsense!!! I mean the statement at the title.
Often we hear the elders or not-so-wise younger people advising us not to pull out your grey/white hair. They claim if you pull out one, 3 more will magically spurt out like the magic tree from the magic bean. I have always pull them out whenever I have one. Vanity is not really the issue here. Its just that I will feel very uncomfortable whenever one pops out. I have always been able to tell whenever I have one. The uggrrhhhh feeling.

Well, mine only will grow if I have some dilemma, or things troubling my mind. Or whenever I am involve in some deep deep thinking. One of the reason I can tell that I have one, even before I head for the mirror.

Lately.....to my surprised, I grew more grey/white hair than usual. And my neck/shoulder hurts. A sign of pre-stroke for me I guess. In dire need of a relaxation therapy right now.
But then again, am I really under THAT much stress lately? Maybe I am. Or I am just getting old? Hmmm. Mystery huh?

Nevertheless, I need some help in pulling these out. My head are spinning with so many attaching to my skull everyday. Haihs....
My guess for the old saying on pull one out, grow three more thingy...... I think its some golden olden advice in addressing your problems, which causes the white hair, instead of just pulling it out, and ignore the root problem. If you ignore the root problem, then 3 more will spurt out.
Somewhere along that line me guess.

Friday, 18 March 2011

25,000 Rupees

Sob Sob....
They came for collection. Actually I called them over to collect. Dont want the bill to be kept for so long.
25k gone aaaaaaaa.
Sob Sob

Monday, 21 February 2011

Rabbit please be kind to me ya.

I am having a lot of new, and good beginnings in the year 2011. 2010 ended with a sad note just to make way for the happier events to happen. Its a good thing aint it? It certainly is!!!

From all the small things, to all the big things.
Some are still in recovery period though. Certainly paving for better things to come. Not great, but good enough for me to be happy.

There are things which are close to my heart, some close to my touch, others to share with ppl close to me.
Many of these things are things I used to only able to wish for. So its sort of an accomplishment for me whenever I look at them, knowing I fulfilled some of my wishes.

I wonder when is that Tag Heuer is going to be wrapped around my wrist. One of my yet to be accomplish mission.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Chainese

Chor yat
And my wallet hilang siot.
Ngam ngam withdraw money pulak tu.

Poor liau ni. Need to depends on angpau to survive. Who can give me more leh?
To think of it, I realise its almost the same thing every chor yat.
Sure got some form of monetary losses. Hopefully this one is followed by abundance of positive things.

Like the chainese saying - poh choi dong joi

Friday, 14 January 2011

The Expensive Secret Recipe

Coincidentally, all the ppl living in my house (there are 4 of us) are buying new cars this year. There are two distinctive differences.

1. They ordered theirs long ago, but mine will arrive lots earlier

2. I got myself a Pug, all there of them are higher end Mercedes.

Apart from the car purchases, there are also strikingly similar traits shared by them. There of them tried Secret Recipe cakes for once, then swear never to have them again. The reason - too expensive. They never have Secret Recipe for so long, that they thought a slice of cake will cost them RM 5. They rather have Wan Tan Mee (their comparison).

They complain a RM 20 haircut to be excessively overpriced. Maybe had one or two haircuts above RM 20 in their life time.

Their ages are in the early 30s, early 40s and early 50s respectively.
Certainly not an age thingy then.

Are Secret Recipe cakes too expensive? I know they cost more than RM 10, not RM 5.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Year liau ni

Eh, year 2011 liau ni.
New year liau, Apa boleh buat?

Saw some CNY forecast for CNY. Accidental though. Mentioned a fair bit of not-so-good points.
But the thing is, all the bad points mentioned happened to me last year.

So in theory, and practically, its time for the good things to happen right?

New job, new career, new house, new car. Seems like a good start!
I mean good start as it seems that all the new things are upgrades, I hope.