Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Hand in Need

I was travelling way way too much this few weeks. Up and down KL-JB-KL-JB several times in a week. It is almost like I am working in JB and living in KL. This of course took a toll on the body - dem bloody sleepy whenever I was on the road.

There was one day when I was totally exhausted. I bought a couple of Redbull at my usual R&R. The last and only time I ever take a redbull is when erm... SPM or STPM time. To cramp 2 years worth of 'learning' into that few hours I have.
So there I was, with my redbull, ready to get on the road again that night. When suddenly, "knock knock" and I looked, an Indian guy was knocking on my passenger window. I slide it open a lil to hear what he had to say.

He was explaining about his misfortune of his faulty ATM card, and he was on his way to see his ailing father, and how he is short of fund. He also explained that his family (inside the car, Exora) havent have any proper meal for days. I took a short glance and can see that there were 4-5 teenagers in the car waiting anxiously for their father's return. I also concluded that for him to be asking for money in an R&R, it is not your usual scam, but a case of pure emergency.
It also ran through my mind that he should have planned properly, and obtain his fund way before getting on a highway - which requires fuel and toll. While I can deduce all I want, it cannot escape my mind that it is still a pure emergency and sad case that can happen to anyone, including myself.

I planned to hand him a few red dollar bills. At least he can fill up some petrol. But as I scanned through my wallet, there was no red dollar bill. Plenty of 50s, and spare change of 9 bucks. I gave him all of my 5's and 1's; which is 9 bucks. I knew it will not be enough. But the devil in me didnt want to pull out a 50. A battle of conscience took place and the devil still won.
The guy said it was not enough, and he requires a 50. 30 for petrol and 20 for food he said. In my mind and heart, I said I know. At my mouth, I say I only have this much to offer. After a few minutes of pleading from him; he walked back to his car; and I continued my journey.

Remember I said I was very very very exhausted? I was ready to sleep n drive before the stop. But after that incident; guilt couldnt escape from my mind. I could've help the poor guy. I could've been a good Samaritan
Tears actually almost burst out. Yes he might be a scammer. But he wont resort to this if he was not stranded at the R&R. I could've pulled him out of that situation.
I couldn't stop blaming myself. For my selfishness.
What is the use of driving a comfortable car if you cant even help a person in need?
What is the use of dining in a nice restaurant if you cant even feed a person in hunger?
What is the use of living in a luxurious house if you cant even shelter a person in cold?
I know I cant help everybody. But cant I help a person who approached me?
I couldnt sleep however exhausted I was.
I couldnt stop thinking........what am I....why am I here? Am I...heartless. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Malaysia towards Prosperity

There are so many updates needed to be done, but the Internet connection in Johor is far from encouraging. Actually all aspects here is far from encouraging. Shucks.
I'll find some time to really sit down and do some updates though.

Before I do any updates, I noticed that Malaysians are generally getting richer and richer. Thanks to our government of course. Be sure to elect them back in power comes the next election.
Shopping Malls are mushrooming, traffic jams are increasing (signs of Malaysians buying more cars), prices increase in EVERYTHING. And yet, we are still surviving.

All the basic amenities, especially houses have at least double or triple in prices since the last general election. This also proofs that Malaysians spending power has increased, and we have in fact become a high income nation. It is no longer a goal. We have done it! Just in one short term, Ahjibgor has brought the nation's financial status to a whole new level.

Maybe I am noob, but I am finding it hard to keep up with the country's growth. I will strive to keep improving myself so that I wont be left behind by the Rakyat's growth under Ahjib leadership. Given another term, I am sure we will be declared as super high income nation; as the prices for EVERYTHING will only keep increasing exponentially. Hehe, take that sinjiaporeans and americans.  

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Room to rent

Hmm, anyone knows where got room to let in JB? Skudai area, Pulai area, Taman U area dan yang sewaktu dengannyer.
My house landlord memang cacat a bit. Other than the things mentioned in the previous post, many other things is making me very dulan. Dem!!!

Now I am self sufficient in many ways, so its alright to get a house with less amenities. I am under-using them currently anyway.

Ada tak sesiapa got kontek?

Thursday, 30 August 2012

JB so far

To sum it all, JB sucks.
To compare, being in JB makes me more homesick than being in India. Unfair comparison, but that just shows how suck JB is.

I dont have many references to describe JB ppl. So I will just start with my houselord, my subordinate and the general population.
If I say that India is a good training ground to become numb, then JB is a good training ground to become arseholes. India has high tolerance for bad habits, bad driving behaviour, bad manners; so if you stay there long enough, you will become accustomed to the culture. You may or may not be influenced by them.

In JB, I dont know whether they mixed up too much with pure Sinjiapohreans or the JB ppl who are working in Sinjiapoh. They have high tolerance for kiasunism, selfishness, idiotness, and so on and so forth. They tend to try to take advantage of surrounding people all the time. It is like their hobby or part time job. There is no "give and take". Its - apa pun mau angkat, sikit pun tak mau kasi. Really apa lanciau pun mau. And the thickfaceness is astonishing!! Example common scenario will be like - ASKING you to buy sweets, then 'pau' your sweets after you bought them. Then when they have their own sweets in big/small amount, they will just act dunno hoping you dont ask any from them.

Or when like the TV screen's colour faded when they are watching the TV, then when you are watching it, they will suddenly say you broke the TV and need to buy a new one....... WTF really?

Monday, 20 August 2012

Settling down in JB

Hmm, the first few days were spent in a hotel in Kulai while Irene and I scout for a room to let. It boils down to two choices. Both is also in decent neighborhood.

1. Mutiara Rini
New housing area. Clean and quiet environment. Near to work place, 11km. No jam. Should take around 20minits to reach.
Living room area no sofa or couch or TV. Just an empty area. Kitchen very basic, no fridge.
Toilet is shared attached but clean.
Near to Taman Universiti which has basic amenities nearby. Not so happening.
Cheap rental of RM200.

2. Bukit Indah
Also new housing area. Clean and quiet environment. Further than Mutiara Rini to workplace, 22km. No jam though. Should take around 35minits to reach.
Complete living room setup. Kitchen considered complete. Toilet not attached but will be the sole user, unless got party which is not likely.
Near to happening places and lepak places.
Rental of RM450.

I settled for the Bukit Indah room. At least not so 'bachelor" like how my sis put it. Por chan liau after buying things for the room. Bed-sheets, pillow, mandi things, bersih things. All so mahal siot.
Next time wanna makan also need compete with those sinjiapoh working ppl. So dem.

K la. See how next time.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bath and Stonehenge

Well, this is the last installment of my London trip. Unlike the previous posts, this is not a continuation from Day 4, London. Saja-saja update on the pictorial visits.
Both Bath and Stonehenge brings you back to history, although vastly different in terms of time/period.

I took a tourbus from London which offers the two as destination stops. Spent some time in Stonehenge then more in Bath. Stonehenge feels more kampung-y as there is nothing there except for fields, as far as you can see.

Bath is more like a small town. With houses and small industries nearby.

The houses in Bath. Looks not so comfy from outside.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 4 - London

Day 4 - London. This is my final stop during my stay. Well, its fairly frequent that I commute to here as London is my stopover when I go back to KL from Trinidad and Tobago. Normally I would just spend few hours wandering around before taking my flight. This time however, I spent two days here. The other days were spent in Yong Fei Tour in previous posts.

I chose a small budget hotel to stay. Small room, small toilet, but clean and new. It's sort of like those budget boutique hotels in KL, but priced like 5 star hotels in KL. Travelling solo, needing a place to stay and store my things; the place was perfect.

I didnt take much photos this time. I was trying to enjoy the moment rather than trying to capture it. Not that we wont get the chance to travel right?
It was a nice stroll, taking the subways to the places I had in mind. The Chinatown, the red district, the shopping district. London is so congested, and modern but you wont feel suffocated or lost. Everything just fall nicely, and it feels like you can do anything without getting obstruction here. You can really take your own time, to do your own thing.

There are plentiful of parks and wide sidewalks you can lepak in.

Near some palace or somthing

So carefree

Jalan-jalan, cari makan

 The shopping here is GREAT!!! Much better and bigger than any of the sales I went. Even the Singapore Sales pale in comparison. The malls are much bigger, in quality and quantity. In Singapore you can at least use an evening or a day to finish the main shopping stretch. will need public transportation just to finish ONE of the stretch!!! And the price are dirt cheap too. Cheaper than Malaysia prices at least. The sales are like....80% 85% off. Gila!!! I dont think they are marked up either as the tags are quite old. Cilakak Malaysia prices always marked up then given discount.

As I said, not much pictorial involved. Too bzbzbzbz. Wakakakaka.
I managed to do some shopping as well. Souvenirs as well as some for my own. Considered expensive souvenirs in Malaysia, but like what I said, its cheap here. Even those jewelries, which I actually bought as souvenirs. One of the most expensive items I bought here was my Seba inline skate. Made me poor by the whole year!!!! Too bad Im noob, and it is WAYYYY underused now. le sigh.....

Till then, wait for the next post - Bath and Stonehenge

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Day 3 - Cambridge!!! Rival of Oxford where Yong Fei was doing his law. A continuation from Stratford trip Day 2 of course. The environment here is quite different than both Oxford and Stratford. Its very erm.... medieval-like kinda city. All the grand buildings, with different kind of freshness in the atmosphere. Brilliant.

We met up with his friends there, 2 of them, also Malaysian. It seems that most popular conversation topic for Malaysian undergrads/grads there is - getting a permanent job in UK. Understandable. After all the years spent over there, even more understandable. The quality of life is just totally different. You pay taxes there, but you will feel that its money well-spent....unlike going back home, you know? But then, lets get back to the topic shall we? Cambridge!!! Most of the photos will be revolved around a river. Sort of like Oxford, but here we get others to "drive" for us. Many students here earn some pocket money by doing part-time jobs. Like erm..a river taxi.

These boats will use the streams running through the backyard of houses, shops and schools.

Where are the rubbish eh?

Beautiful architecture along the trip

Quite a popular past time here

A few of the faculties along the way

The one who was paddling our boat is a Cambridge undergrad, doing some part time job. Kinda superman lookalike. Tall, well-built, handsome, perfect hair, articulate. Quite strange though when he wet himself in the middle of the journey. Some sort of kidney disease he said.

After that we just jalan-jalan around the area visiting the bigger campuses. Apart from that, didnt really venture much. This is the last day I kept Yong Fei busy. The next day - London!!!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Lost bracelet


Lost my bracelet. Not really lost it. I some sort of threw it away, not intentionally of course. GG.
I was throwing a rock, in the quarry, with my right hand.

I was wearing the bracelet on the right hand, and it was loose. GG.
It flew off, and can never be found again. It just assimilate itself with the surroundings. So gg.

There goes $$$.

Friday, 11 May 2012


So, from Day 1 - Oxford, I came to Stratford. The feel and environment here is very different from Oxford. The comfort is still there, just not as bustling as Oxford. Less people are walking around, less activities going on, wider streets, more distanced buildings. Kinda nice for a lazy soul. Maybe thats why this place is the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

One of the plays we get to watch there. Free for the public to watch. Not sure what it was about though. Not ngam me.

The architecture here is amazing too.See those wooden nails below. Well, there are many other places which uses wooden nails, but I am impressed nonetheless.

One of the olden painting method. Gave it a try and ended up having sore fingers for the day. Not very easy oooo. You will need to etch on a piece of paper over a copper block. To have a nice colour, you will need to apply significant pressure on the paper. Since its my 1st time, the result was not that good despite the chamness fingers.

In Startford, not only its filled with gardens like Oxford, but they are also filled with flowers, everywhere.
Very soothing to the eyes I must say.

 The Church where William Shakespeare is buried.

Alas, the final stop for Stratford - the train station again. On Day 3, we went to Cambridge to visit Yong Fei's friends and toured around the city.

Oh ya, before I left, I had to take the shots below.

A very comfy small city. Not hectic, refreshing, relaxing....ah...
Next up - Day 3 - Cambridge!!!!