Monday, 2 November 2009

Happy Buttday to me!!! (belated)

Yesterday was my buttday. Weee!!!!!!!
Well, at this age, a birthday is not something that I should get too excited about. I know its just another day to me. Its just another day to others.

But the actual fact is, I did feel a bit humanised yesterday. I felt my existance, are felt by the people around me. And that gave me the reason to remain being me for years to come.

1st off is the concern shown by my sis, and also my mum on my presense in KL. Too bad Im having quite a few obligation here on the land of the dead; making me unable to go back on that weekend.
Family will always be family.

2nd off is the 'forced' birthday bash by my workers here. My kala-ok workers.
I even gave a lot of excuse just to escape the bash. But they insisted; and I gave in. Thats when I was humbled by their sincerity and attempt to shove in some joy into my life.

About my birthday wish. I thought of it for very long. I know what I wanted; and its not something monetary.
Eventhough I am now involved in some business needing lots of luck and effort, I never put in any wish in those matter. To me, monetary things are only a mean to achieve something else that I really really want in my life. And that thing, does not exist in my life yet. I am still hoping it will appear again.

So my wish - is for my next year's birtday wish to come true.