Sunday, 29 March 2009

Holiday over-ing

No more holidays liau soon. Apa to buat? What have i buated?
Nothing much constructive. But can be regarded as constructive oso geh. Can be seen from many angles.

I still dunno where will I be and go. Sigh.
Hard to predict the next step.


Friday, 20 March 2009

Things so far

Apa I buated leh?
Totally different from what I have planned. LOL
Because suddenly I got holiday till next week like that. So mah extra time lor. Spread things a bit.

Things I have done.
Main Basketball
Practise skate skate 30 minutes
First time in my life kicking a ball - futsal
Yum chars
Shop a lil (window shopping oni siot)
Cancel mutual fund

Things to be done.
Go tabur
Go nose check up
Cabut the gigi
See income tax thingy

Dunno can complete or not
Cant wait till next week. Dunno will have good news or bad news.
Chamness. Good news please!!!

Saturday, 14 March 2009


writing this post from my Hotel, Arosfa Hotel.
Small and sufficient type of budget hotel. Very the clean. Very.
I didnt opt for hostel although its quarter the price because I have a few luggage with me, containing stuffs of high value. High value as in I bought my Seba Carbon Pro. Yay. Breads for the coming months. Sweat.

Tumolo test out the skate around lunch time.
Then try to shop for my lahling stuffs.
Dont know if I can get anything. Its very hard for me to shop. I hardly end up buying anyting, eventhough I am always determined to at least buy sumthing. Weird. Sikap kedekut maybe.

Since its late now over here.
I chau 1st.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Turn for a positive turn

Hopefully the bad turns are over now.
Confirmed I lost RM 15k. And I shuld've gone back earlier. Turns out that I will lose the 15k even if I have gone back in May, June or even July. Hmmm.
Corporate world. When they need you, everything is ok. When they dont want you anymore, all shits will start to float.
Sacrificing not to go back for CNY surely sucks.

Now that monetary value are lost, Im waiting for the positive turn now. I am guessing windows of opportunity here.
Not sure what type of window though.

Okays, less than a forthnight to go.