Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The 3rd option

It is never easy being the 3rd option in anything. Third substitute for the 1st 11, car driver, any kind of nominee, or even a job offer.

Again, I rejected the offer to go to Kuching and the Fiji Islands. Although the offer is overwhelming, my current employers managed to convince me to stay, with a lower salary. OMGWTFBBQsauce!!!!??

Well, money isn't the only thing in life, same with career.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Increment, or decrement??

I overlooked something important before I jump to the new company. Well, I didnt actually overlook it, I just didnt know the impact of it.
Instead of having a huge salary increment, I ended up with a low one.

The culprit? Tax bracket.
It seems that my current tax bracket, is having a HUGE different with my previous one. So in maths, or accounting terms,
Instead of New Salary >> Old Salary,
it is now (New Salary-New Tax) little bit > (Old Salary-Old Tax).

The worse thing is,  I dont really feel what I am paying worth anything at all (to the government that is). I used to pay next to nothing (actually it is more like RM 0.00) to the IRB. Since I am paying shit, I am used to shitty environment and policies around me. In fact, I have little complains on National issues. I used to justify the lifestyle other countries are enjoying because of their high taxes, and that they are worth it.

Now that I am paying good money to the government, I am starting to feel pissed of on just about everything I can think of about my living condition there.
As if it is not enough being unappreciated, I am often accused, reprimanded, and assaulted for all sorts of allegations thrown by the a-little-earlier immigrant of this nation.

Can I choose where to contribute my taxes to?

Thursday, 4 November 2010

I hate Academic Exams!!!!

Everyone experience nightmares. Many people experience similar repeating nightmares night after night. I am one of them.
When I was younger, it was free falling from the sky to a monsoon drain near one of my old house. For years I have had that nightmare, even long after I moved elsewhere. I dont think it count as a nightmare though. Not really scary in a way, and it has stopped long ago. I indeed physically dropped few centimeters to my bed when I wake up from this dream.

The most recent nightmare, which also happen from time to time, is me having to go through school exams again (SPM/STPM). Perhaps this is the balasan for not studying for them back then.
I take my future, or career advancement quite seriously. So failing in those exams, can be a major setback for me. And the nightmares being so real..........scared the shit out of me each time. Worse thing is, they get even more realistic each time.

The recent episode is that I am facing a week of exam. I am not sure if it was SPM or STPM. And as usual, I didnt prepare or study for it. Not that I didnt do any last minute preparation for the exam. It was more like, in my schooling years, I never did any studying at all!
In this nightmare, I even convinced myself that I am screwed. I told myself that this time, THIS IS REAL!!!! I told myself that I had all the similar nightmares, but this one is real. And that I am screwed. I regretted not to heed the warnings from previous nightmares. =_='
Scary shit wei.....

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

100 meter dash

I am wondering.
Since I am at the beginning of this new U-turn, should I do a 100 meter dash?

I did a little dash several years back. A dash which provided me with abundance of opportunities. I squandered them all by not having enough knowledge; and by being naive.

I am now in the position to do another dash. A short dash. I rejected a long dash because my knees are not too good nowadays. Maybe not 100 meter, but I still can afford a 30 meter dash. With enough knowledge, a 30 meter dash will work just fine.

What do you think?