Saturday, 26 November 2011

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is one of those things I will do absolutely anything to avoid. The amount of stress and time wasted is phenomenal. Monetary waste is inevitable anyway, so meh.....
The thing is, its not only about infrastructure, where the common people place the blame on. Common people keep on complaining about the government, on how they are unable to provide decent (and cheap) infrastructures to combat traffic jam.
Well, this is only half correct. The government fell short in handling the issue, but the focus of blame is entirely off the mark.

The vehicles on the road kept on increasing, day by day. There is no development in this world that can cope with these numbers. Having 3-4 vehicles in each household is so common nowadays. Mine is guilty for 6+1. Mestilah Jam ini macam!!!!

I would propose a system where only "qualified" buyers can purchase a car. Not in term of distance to work. That is just another screwed up system. "Qualified" buyers mean - a person can only purchase a car if his/her income falls under a certain bracket. Lets say in Lembaga Hasil term, the 19%, 24% and 26% bracket.
Each bracket will only allows purchase for a certain number of cars.
19% bracket - 1 car. Once you reach 24% bracket, only are you allowed for 2 cars. When you reach 26%, you can buy your 3rd car.

Now, I am not trying to discriminate anybody. This method can solve hell lot of problems, and gives another hell lot of benefits.
For One, less traffic Jam.
For Two, people who wants to buy car, wont under declare their income - more revenue for the government.
For Three, more people will have to go for public transport - and this is where the hell of benefits come in.

We can imagine the influx of people going for public transportation if the above is implemented. This generates income for the Transport companies. This will prevent the stoppage of routes because of low passenger rate (reported in the news, if you read news). This is why I said I am not discriminating in this case. This will only help low-income people as their bus route can continue operation, and they can still go to school or work, cheaply.

When this happens, more than a few companies will want to have their hands in the cookie jar. Competitions will ensue and better, more affordable and comfortable form of transit will surface - directly benefiting the masses. The revenue will also generate more taxes for the government.

So if they are worrying about loss of revenue from car sales taxes, we are already providing so much more for them. Personal income tax declarations, and transport companies taxes.
The ONLY downside of this proposal, is we will see the fall of Proton in no time. Why?
If a sane minded people under this beautiful proposal can afford one car, in his income bracket, will he buy a Proton?

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