Friday, 14 January 2011

The Expensive Secret Recipe

Coincidentally, all the ppl living in my house (there are 4 of us) are buying new cars this year. There are two distinctive differences.

1. They ordered theirs long ago, but mine will arrive lots earlier

2. I got myself a Pug, all there of them are higher end Mercedes.

Apart from the car purchases, there are also strikingly similar traits shared by them. There of them tried Secret Recipe cakes for once, then swear never to have them again. The reason - too expensive. They never have Secret Recipe for so long, that they thought a slice of cake will cost them RM 5. They rather have Wan Tan Mee (their comparison).

They complain a RM 20 haircut to be excessively overpriced. Maybe had one or two haircuts above RM 20 in their life time.

Their ages are in the early 30s, early 40s and early 50s respectively.
Certainly not an age thingy then.

Are Secret Recipe cakes too expensive? I know they cost more than RM 10, not RM 5.

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