Saturday, 30 October 2010

Twisting U-turn

This might seems to be an overdue update from my last post. In reality, it is not. This U-turn I am facing, is quite windy in nature.

The thing is, I do not have the regret-what-if-i-choose-the-other-one syndrome. It is partly because I step on them without looking back on the other. Mainly is because I am walking all three paths, which was not my intention.

You see, I accepted option 1, and was already "working" with the company for a few days before I accept the offer from company B. No salary though, just free services.
I was planning to pledge my loyalty to company B. Looking at long terms seeing the nature of the job. Fairly super stable, decent authority level and freedom, ok-ok pay. The kind of job which will keep you satisfied till retirement, with benefits.

I was not planning to join other companies and rejected calls for interviews. There is one exception - the temptations from company C. They never chuck away my file. They keep making one tempting offers after another.
And they seems sincere. Looks like I will be wearing a new uniform soon.