Friday, 23 October 2009

Red Eye Peas

I cant believe I didnt spent much time looking on the monitor these few weeks.
I cant believe I didnt online much either.
So much more unbelievable things I did over the weeks too. Some were good things, some were not very good, but none was bad.

Well, there's one bad thing happened though. I got the red eye disease. Mata sakit like shit now. I think it will last for 2 weeks or so. So very the cham. Haihs.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I wonder if there's a male phoenix.
If there's one, I think I will be the one.


Thursday, 8 October 2009

Updates from Tokyo

Actually still not much updates. huhuhu
There`s no USB port or card readers with me now, as I am in LaQua - a dem nice n big indoor Spa, complete with natural hot water springs n wats not. Its awesome here. You can be pampered with relaxation thingys all day long. Its one time entry fee, and plus plus if you want to have other services. Decent services like massage n those other things. Totally worth it.
Its like a regular KL gym concept, only much bigger, much cleaner, much relax-er, much other thingies.

It is intergrated into sumthing like Sunway Lagoon/Genting themepark called Tokyo Dome City. The rides are awesome (i didnt take them) but they require another entry fee. I can imagine the crowd on weekends. If I am a permanent here, I will certainly take up their membership offer. Spa n gym whole day, Japanese chicks..... Its indoor heaven actually.

Enough about LaQua. What about shopping heh?
Well, There are just too many overseas brand over here esp from europe. No point buying those labels unless you are into blue labels by burberry. There isnt any sales too. So I just bought a couple of Japanese shirts and a Jeans from a famous Japanese designer brand. It cost at least double the price in Malaysia me thinks. Dun ask for souvenirs folks. Mahal wei.........wakakakka.

Monday, 5 October 2009

A brief from Kyoto

Very hard to log in to blogger from here. So this is just a brief update.

Over here, got MANY MANY LENG LUIS SIOTTTT!!!!!!
end of report