Saturday, 27 December 2008

Traffic in KL

Actually I wanna post this up long ago.
But because Im in KL, I dun really have the time to do it. If I have the time, I'll just rest. Rest is very the important ppl!!

Although Im familiar with the traffic situation in KL, boy, im so surprised by the change. The usual morning n evening jam extended itself to 10 hour daily jam.

I've tried going out at 10am, 2pm, 4pm. All same.
PJ, Bukit Bintang, Sunway, Places between them, all jammed up. Especially MidValley. These are not even public holiday days. Gila wan.

Well, the reason is obviously the sheer amount of cars on the road at any one time. But a huge contributor is also because of - road diversions.
The city council having some heart, are doing road expansions and road construction projects to ease the traffic congestion problems.
Since major roads are affected, these are the roads where road diversions and bottle neck happens.

While having the heart is good, having the brain actually would help too.
Since these projects will take a few years to be completed, wont the traffic flow increased by then? By that time, you will need to undergo the same projects and the same congestions to ease congestions.
Huh? Wtf?
So its a constant jam - because of measures to counter traffic jams.
Very the weird concept we are having here.

While the infrastruture and time resources are hefty, we should just do expansions enough to last us two cycle of this nonsense.
Meaning - No constant jam - construction still in place for future measures.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Nose tersumbat!!!!!

After the operation leh, the nose still okok geh.
Still can breath, not so stuck.

Then the nurse gave me something to rinse the nose,
Bloody hell, the nose become stuck giler.
Made a whole lot complications appear.

Now got sore throat - very
headache - mild
eat susah
minum susah
cakap susah
apa pun susah
Jilakat nurse. Summore sendiri dunno how to use the rinsing thingy. Never explain or show me the leaflet.
Now im following the leaflet instructions oni. Getting better, unclogging it little by little. But the compications remain. Jilakat nurse.

Thursday, 4 December 2008


My 1st traffic accident in TnT. Hopefully oso final one. I didnt even drive fast or recklessly. Sometimes I do, but not this time. I am pretty sure the speed is below 70km/h. I was in the third lane of a straight highway. How fast and reckless can it be?

The jilakat in front me sudden brake his vehicle in the middle of the highway. And its a FULL BRAKE. Dem. I know lah his vehicle is the mahal wan. Toyota Harrier. Maybe he want to action action his braking system. Very efficient nampaknyer.
Mine is not that efficient. So BANG. Hentam his the belakang. Then the Harrier action action again. The bumper oni kemek a bit, can be considered as heavy scratch. Mine is heavily kemek. The front bonnet kenot open coz of the kemekness. U know, like wira langgar mercedes lo the akibat.

The driver said got another vehicle sudden brake in front of him. No use. His is a Harrier, mine kereta kecik. How can I see what's in front. And the so called vehicle oso disappear dunno where oredi. Tipu me meh. Sudden brake then dissapear.
I suspect its him too kan-cheong when other ppl brake, so he hafta FULLY brake his vehicle in the middle of a fast lane highway. Baka baka baka.

Nvm, not my vehicle. Report polis, claim insurance

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Water Water

So jilakat.
Oredi no water for 3 days. The houses around us are having no problem with their water supply. WTH wrong with this house? Hmm...
Actually the cause is known, the solution is known. Just dunno why it happen, and I cant really make myself to solve it. Its "you touch, means you break" policy here. Dem!

So the main pipe was mysteriously altered with. So we called the owner to bring a plumber to re-open to pipe switch. It took them two days to come just to crank a freaking switch. Jilakat.

Then now leh, the water pump is not working. They dun use gravity kinda flow here. All dem lagak maju, use pump. So with the pump not working, the two full tank of water is also useless to me. Jilakat.

So bodoh them. After they fixed the switch, they shuld've filled the pump's backflow with water. With the "watercut" earlier, it will be filled by air instead of water. So there will be no pressure for it to work/suck.

So with all the knowledge on how to solve the problems, Im unable to do anything about it. Jilakat

Saturday, 22 November 2008


This TD tower really interesting. Almost never bore me. the almost ultimate set-up.

I would do away the 2 rose quartz for another black opal. And one more for another pink diamond perhaps

Friday, 14 November 2008


Here cheep cheep. Once a week got one meal of these geh, but different cooking.

Green vege is rare though

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Simple Dishes oni
The preparation


Monday, 3 November 2008

Friday, 31 October 2008


That day tried sumthing different. Not really different. But its not available here.

Long Bean

Tall Man Meat

Monday, 20 October 2008

Monday, 29 September 2008

Flying Rock

Most of the blastings are safe. This is because of the advancement of knowledge and technology in blasting. But then again, not all technology is available for certain countries. Knowledge can be said to be limited to human factor. Trinidad is not really an advance country. They only have materials and methods used in Malaysia (long before I was born) available. Back in those time, blasting can be said to be a lot more "uncontrolled" aka dangerous. Coupled with human limitation, accidents can happen.

The above is the example why it can be dangerous. Most of the time, I prefer to watch a blast from a viewable angle. This is because I will know where the blast will be heading. I know it from the design anyway, so I will know where to stand. If the blast is too big (rarely), I will just go and have tea somewhere - far away.

This time I was in an uncle's car, with him driving. He insisted in parking the car behind a cliff (we were blasting on a location behind the cliff). I told him its not very comforting to have the cliff blocking the view. And we'll never know if a stone might fall. Due to his "manhood" (human nature) and the fact that he is behind the steering wheel, we stayed there. And without me knowing, the drillercum blaster made some holes (horizontal blast - which will send rocks flying), again - human nature.

So the result is as what you see in the photos. One stone fell barely 50 meter away from me. Im not 50meter further, the stone fell parallel to where I am. It could've hit the car straight through the roof and hit people - me. Chamness.
It gone through the roof, damaged an I-Beam, then hit the rubber conveyor and crushing the steel bracket. Energy cushioned so many times yet the damage is quite alarming.

So remember folks. Dont take things, however routine they maybe, so lightly.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Fitness level

I know I have not been in the best form lately. OK fine!!! Not lately but for quite a while. Many instances stuck me back to reality and there's one struck me again just moments ago.

My colleague advised me to try doing pushups in the morning. Or jog/walk around the housing area during the weekends. OMGWTFBBQ!!!!
Those are like advices meant for geezers. Am I degraded to such level?
She laughed when I said I was quite fit before. In fact, very fit.
WTFOMGBBQ!!!! She laughed and didnt believe me. :(

I need to do something real quick. I always managed to do things real quick. Too bad they end up being discarded real quick too.
Aisehman..... I need the discipline to sleep regulary. Exercise consistently.

Dont look down on me. Jilakat.
Before Im back to Malaysia, I wanna be healthy again.
I wanna do 100 pushups again.
I wanna do 25 chinups again.
I wanna do unlimited situps again.


Thursday, 4 September 2008


Every photographer at one point or another will have made his own lightbox.
My pathetic attempt seems to be a failed one.

A simple White Balance tweak change things around....
Dem....there's no completely white paper around here......

Monday, 25 August 2008

A new week, A new poster

Another masterpiece from yitbunmoi

Friday, 22 August 2008

Hakka Thread Posters

Hmmm, better post here b4 they are lost. Hakka people got many type wan. All oso very geng wan. From photography to photochoppy, car admirer to car modifier, phone wannabe to phone buyer, slave to boss, thin to fat, tall to short, macam macam ada.
Very diverse bunch of people. Oh, and im just talking about the Hakkas in a particular forum, specifically a thread. Chamness.
Come, meet the Hakkas.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Im Back

As per title.
K Thanks Bye.
Will be very free I guess. Call me

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Soup n Prawn

Wolla. Another cooking session.
No la, actually cook for almost every day. But the dishes are very the simple wan. So didnt post only. Then now also posting simple dishes.
One is a soup. Ingredients all from Irene again, I just follow instructions.

Its erm, wat wat white carrot wat soup. Still lack of those sweet taste. And too dilute. Note to self - boil longer.

Then this is another dish. Ingredients by me. Method also by me. So this is my 1st stand alone dish. Muahahaha.
Actually its from the cookbook that we bought. Quite illustrative. Thats why it attracted me - the nub of the nub. I chose this one because I dont have the ingredients mentioned in the other dishes.
So, here goes.

Notice the black prawns? Of course you did. :(((
The "step by step" said deep fry. How the hell I know you must keep the fire low? Thats why when I put the first four pieces of prawns in the oil, they caught fire....
I was shocked!!! Why the hell my prawns caught fire?? Alas, in the blink of an eye, they became african prawn - as wat Meng calls it.
Lesson learnt. Slowed down the fire. and wolla. Amazing golden prawns.

What to cook next?

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Just had a marathon of interviews just now. Its for various of position in the company. Its not the 1st time Im interviewing people. But its the first marathon and fully handled by me.
So its a bit chamness filled with tiredness. Just for info sake - no leng lui involved. If got, oredi hire loo :w:

Anyway. I need a place to blow up. And here I am.
Actually the interview is not that bad. Except there is one girl who really smells. Smells as in erm... in a not very pleasant way. =.="
The thing irked me the most is this call - stupid call.

There's this guy. A full grown man, very, actually over qualified for a fresh job. An engineering degree from the USA, demanding a pay double from the others. Whom I still ask for an interview anyway. If he is really good, I'll hire him anyway.
The thing is, everything was arranged by his mother.
His mother called me to arrange for the interview, called me to ask about the job. Dem, such a mamiboy.

Then, at the interview, out of respect, he is the only one I rejected his job application face to face. The rest, I just left them in the dark. I'll call you kinda thing.

Then after he left, moments later. His mother called. Nagged and complain about why I rejected his son n all. Wasting his effort n all. Blah Blah Blah.
I used my usual tactic. Letting her talk, while the phone is on the table. Occasionally, I will pick it up to see if she is still talking. Sometimes I'll reply "oic", then the phone will be on the table again. Dem irritating. Dem mamiboy that fella. Ugh.
So lastly I scolded the mother, and said I dont haf to justify my rejection to her. She agreed I dun haf to. So i said - K Thks Bye.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Malay guy came back, with goodies

Yay, today the malay guy came back from Msia to TnT. huhuhu.
A lot of stuffs kirim from him. Jilakak him didnt change my camera battery charger.
But then again, he brough other stuffs. Muahaha

The Playstation 2
weee... small. much smaller than i ever imagine. I very sanpa wan. Small time poor ma. So mah not used to this kind of luxury games lo. huhuhu
Play play play.

But the thing he brought back that I love most is....this

It sorta remind me to the time when I was just a kid. Pre-form 1. My mother brought me to town. It was a big thing for a kid like me back then. I remembered we took a cab there, to sumwhere near Pertama I think. It was really a big thing. We were so poor back then, taking a bus was considered as a luxury. And we took a cab.
She sorta walked wif me for a big distance, to look for a shop with good bargains, to buy me a pen. It was a Parker pen.

I knew it was sorta like a 4A in UPSR cum studi harder incentive for me during the secondary entrance. I was small, but I knew the meaning, and the sacrifice she made. Remember my financial post? That pen, can bring food on the table for many days.
Thank you mum. Although my kiddish curiousity killed the pen in my autopsy.

Now, my lahling got me a Parker. I can feel the same kind of hope, the same kind of closeness, but a different kind of love in it.
I will come back to your side, along with it. Thank you LiFong.

Wait for me

Monday, 5 May 2008

Ninja Turtles

Remember the turtle post? So I went again yesterday to try my luck. Dem tired, but went anyway. We depart around 11pm. We took along one more guy this time. My Malay colleague. Jilakak him want so late for wat. I was looking at around 9-10pm to depart.
Anyway, there we went, reaching around 1am because we went 30 minutes futher from last time. Even more bends and lousy roads. Small n full of pot holes, wooden bridges. Brings back that kampung feel.

I was dead tired. But I managed to stay awake to chat wif the driver - AhMeng and also to give the direction. I've never been there but being a guy, my sense of direction is better than the two females sitting behind.
We reach a place called Grand Rivere Beach Resort or sumthing. Its not really a resort. Its a restricted area for turles to come ashore and lay egss. AHA!!! A sure bet to see turtles perhaps? Rather than just sitting at a random beach hoping one would come?

It was disappointing when I'm told it was closed. They will only allow access/registration from 8pm-1am. Im just in time for a too late. Chamness. Then I lash out my nego skill and wholla. We paid TT$ 390 for the registration fees and a tourguide brought us in.

And OHMYFARKINGGOD!!! There were lots n lots of turtles there doing there business. Easily more than a dozen of them there. Its quite a small beach, so its like a freaking traffic jam there. Bloody hell, why didnt even one went to the place I waited b4?
You need to be very careful when walking along the beach. One is because you can lose your balance because of the uneven dug sand. Another is because you will stumble with one of the turtles if you are not careful. They are somehow camoflauge in the dark.

Huhuhu. So many of them. Some were coming ashore, some where leaving. Some were digging, some were laying and some were just about to cover up the egss. Magnificent creatures I must say.
Good effort by the authorities to make it a restricted area. If its not, the turtles will be dead by now. I was told that beach is the most dense for turtles egg laying beach in the world. No wonder the traffic jam (turtles jam)!!!!
The only sore sight - plenty of turtle eggs unearthed by other turtles in their sand digging process. Many of them accidently stepped over by human and other turtles. Day predators will simply come and goble them up easily. Hopefully they wont dig the nests though. Easy meals.

No picnic or photographs like last time though. Its understandable. many turtles. The Malay guy said - even in Terengganu, its hard to see even one in a season.
Huhuhu. So many turtles

Monday, 28 April 2008

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Monday, 7 April 2008

Waiting for sea turtles

Its the bertelur season. After the hamsup season, its time for the suffer season. Like in Terengganu, the sea turles will come to shore to bertelur at certain time of the year. In Trinidad, its like erm.... March till July kua.
So I mah ajaks my housemate to Toco to wait for the turtles lo.

In Discoveries n such, the turtle watching is very nice geh. Dinasour-like creatures. Elegant and big. huhuhu.
Such maturity and experience in facing the challenges from the mother earth. Jilakat humans. Destroying the nature.

Anyway, here's one of the scene I took.

The road leading to this place - Toco Beach is very scary wan. Very the dark. The car only have two small chinese man and two aunties. Chamness. But as long as the car dont break down, we should be ok. hohoho.

We departed at 10.30pm, reaching around 12 midnight. Wait wait wait......2.15am. No turtles!!!! So alamaks.
Then got a few cars came. They park their cars facing the sea and on their music very the loud. Jilakats. They came for fishing. :(
Thats why we chose to leave. The turtles wont be coming if like that.

The only consolation is the multitude of stars there. So here's another pic.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Unknown Mani

More than a week ago, a sum of mani was banked into my account. I think, think and think. Have no idea where it comes from. Not my salary. Not my bonus. Not a refund of anything. I hold neither an investment nor a property giving a dividend of that kind of value. If have, then I am rich!!! muahahaha.
Kay, so there's one unknown source of mani I have there. I dont know what to do with it so I dumped it into bursa.

Wholla, the price of my share shot up. While everyone is talking about sacpres becoz it is being "goreng-ed", and shooting up n being in the charts n all. I never like those sentiments. Anyway, it was one of my monitored share (bought, not sacpres). Its not in the most active or most gained chart. Of course its not in the most lost too. Its those not very much looked into stock despite having considerable volume. Sei sunway volume is too low now to make it of a much interest. Jilakat ESOS (Employee Share Option Swatwat) set the price fix at RM1.80 summore.

Then a few minutes after I successfully queued for the share, it went down a little bit. Chamness!! Then a few hours later, it shot up and went into the most active chart. Stewpid speculators maybe thinking it is being goreng n wats not. But thanks to them, a day later its in the Top Gainer chart taking number 1 place. Muahaha.

Almost the same scenario as Proton share I bought the last time. The differences - Proton was bought in low volume, so the gain is small despite the perfect lowest buy, highest sell timing. This one is based on the normal not-so-lowest buy and dunno-when-to-sell timing.

I dont really know if I should sell it when the profit is hensem enuf (so i can buy other shares for the growth). Or to keep it till at least middle of this year, or the next dividend payout.
Cham cham. How?

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Rat Year

Chamness. I never feel so bad after winning money.
You see, every chinese new year, I will surely donate some amount of money to Uncle Lim. Strangely, I never have any ill feelings about it. Sort of like "break fortune block bad luck" thingy for me. So my good luck actually did really continue for the rest of the years. The amount I lost not really that huge anyway. Just play for fun.

This year however, it seems that roosters will face some problem, in one part of their live. And surprisingly, the new Uncle Lim donated some money to me. Alamaks. No more breaking of fortune? Chamness.
What will be my year's outcome?
Will it be really as what my mum says? oh knoes.... or maybe oh yes?

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Gunung Tahan when I was Young

Found this article quite long ago. And its still here.
So I just thought of putting it here so it wont go into the memory lane.

Gunung Tahan in form 4

Of course I have my own version of it. I do remember some details.
Although we went as a group, its still pretty much quite individual. As per se, its not really a difficult climb. Tough, but not difficult. And the other pansies are too tired too be focused on togetherness anyway. Weaklings.

There's this sleeping bag which I brought along, used and damaged by persons other than me here too. The sleeping bag was a gift, from a girl and it have been with me always. On a side note, I still have it. During the whole journey, I carried it. But used by a fellow member as he fell ill. I have no qualm on that. I have it, so I lend it. It's just that the only period I was not carrying it, it was damaged (the cover). Ugh....

Then there was this senior.... If you notice, the author mentioned something about hornets attack. Well, during that part of the journey, I was running. I was way ahead and never notice any hornets. I was accused of stepping on the hornets' nest while I was on my way. Well fuck them. There was only one way to get ahead. So if you guys are behind, and slow. Its your fault. It will be the same if all are crawling up. Just that all will be stung. Ok, back to that senior. On the way back, again I was running. Until he called me to stop. Wait for the others he said. Well, seems like a mighty fine idea. Until I got bloody stung by one of the hornets. Screw you man. You knew I was in the middle of the hornets' area. Coz they got stung before. So y the f asking me to stop there, neither after nor before. Dem.

There were good people in there anyway. One guy who ran behind me. Never knew he will be the 2nd one to reach the peak!

Oh ya, I fell in love with Kit Kat here. Taste luxuriously tasty over there.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

My reflection and I

A mirror is a mystical thing.
For example, a 30 seconds ride inside an elevator will seems like 3 seconds with mirrors fitted inside, and 3 minutes without.

Sometimes we wonder if it is a mirror itself that captivates us, or the world inside it? Is it not the world inside, is the same as outside? Are we human so weak, we need assurance from something so thin, to tell us everything is ok at the outside?

Many find solitude in the few mm surface. Some fear it. But almost all cant afford to live without it. Mystical thing it is....

This post by AhChia inspired the entry

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Spineless Creature

We have just received our 2 new Frontiers. And the manggali took one for his own. He just park and reserve the whole unit for his own to use. Although he didnt really have a use for it. Unless you include fetching filiphinoes "chicks (aunties really)" and black locals to the office to ahem ahem. So basically leaving us another unit - for the 5 of us.

The 4 of them will need to go to the quarry. They are the wheels of the quarry, and in the quarry their work will be. And I need to go to the office, to collect a cheque. No cheque, no money. Im the authorised signatory for the company (take that u manggali!) so I will be responsible for the finance welfare of the staffs. The office and quarry is not very near each other. In fact, its bloody far.

So, the manggali selfishly park "his" car in the office (his house after i kicked him out from mine), and told me to fetch the 4 to the quarry and leave them there. Leaving them with neither food, transportation, water nor shelther. What kind of idiotic order is that? The country is a raining country. And a dangerous one. What if there's any accident? Call the not reliable ambulance? They dont really know how to anyway. Food? Pluck fruits from the trees? Water from the river? And 3 of them are just here for less than 72 hours. What kind of manager that makes you? A manggali one that is.

So I took the liberty to bring them out to lunch. And let them tag along to the office where I am supposed to collect the cheque.
I dont know how is that being a considerate human being can offend the manggali. Claiming I am going over his head by not following orders, he went berserk and f*8k me. As usual, I just ok, ok, yaya blah blah blah. No point arguing/reasoning with an idiot. Let him assume he is 100% right. I tried arguing/reasoning. But seriously, no point. Idiot = idiot.

Get me real fed up and I'll make my way back to Malaysia. I treat human as human. If you want me to do otherwise. Im so sorry. I didnt choose to come here. My KL boss asked me to come. He treated me not bad. I am merely lending my hand to him. He needs people to be here. So Im not your toy here. Give me trouble, and I will give you some.