Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pull one out, u get 3 more.

What bloody nonsense!!! I mean the statement at the title.
Often we hear the elders or not-so-wise younger people advising us not to pull out your grey/white hair. They claim if you pull out one, 3 more will magically spurt out like the magic tree from the magic bean. I have always pull them out whenever I have one. Vanity is not really the issue here. Its just that I will feel very uncomfortable whenever one pops out. I have always been able to tell whenever I have one. The uggrrhhhh feeling.

Well, mine only will grow if I have some dilemma, or things troubling my mind. Or whenever I am involve in some deep deep thinking. One of the reason I can tell that I have one, even before I head for the mirror. my surprised, I grew more grey/white hair than usual. And my neck/shoulder hurts. A sign of pre-stroke for me I guess. In dire need of a relaxation therapy right now.
But then again, am I really under THAT much stress lately? Maybe I am. Or I am just getting old? Hmmm. Mystery huh?

Nevertheless, I need some help in pulling these out. My head are spinning with so many attaching to my skull everyday. Haihs....
My guess for the old saying on pull one out, grow three more thingy...... I think its some golden olden advice in addressing your problems, which causes the white hair, instead of just pulling it out, and ignore the root problem. If you ignore the root problem, then 3 more will spurt out.
Somewhere along that line me guess.

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