Friday, 29 April 2011

Money no enough

It seems that the more I earn, the less I save.  =_="
Quite a strange yet common phenomena. Trying hard to overcome it. Haihs.

I have this friend. Whom I believe earn around 5X less than me, yet saves more than me. =_="
He is not from a rich family either and yet he never show any pokai symptom almost everyone is showing at around end of the month. Instead, he can have extra for savings and giving monetary assistance to those who need it. He is not even the kedekut type either. He joins me for makan makan, minum minum too.

So where did it went wrong? With me of course.
I need to be more like my friend described above. Right now, I find myself affording lesser than before. Everything seems more expensive. Things I used to afford, I cant afford them now!!!! 
Really something is wrong here. =_="

I dont think its the Car.
Haihs.....what went wrong huh?

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