Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Kelawang Drive, 13th February 2011

Some Peugeot kakis were organising a mountain drive along to Kelawang through Hulu Langat. Luckily I was back in KL for the holidays. Ngam ngam can squeeze in. I have never join any kind of drive before. This is a good chance to get to know some ppl who drive similar cars as me. Felt a bit intimidated to join though; as this is my first time driving the Lion for a mountain drive. Not familiar with the handling AND the roads. Might not be able to keep up with the rest. Furthermore, my Lion was having this to speed problem. The others were saying the Pug can go beyond 200kmph with ease. Mine was having difficulty to reach even 180kmph. The sad.....

Anyway, I made it to our meeting point in Ampang. Was not having enough sleep the previous night; celebrating a friend's buttday. I was the 4th person/car to arrive. Two 308 Turbos and a 308 GT was already there. Shortly, a sexy open top 207cc came, and also a 306gti6. The sexiest car was the most underpowered, while the least sexy car was the most powerful car that day. The irony.

We stopped at the kaki bukit of "Look Out Point" in Hulu Langat. I am familiar with this stretch, so its not much of an issue. The powerful gti leads the way while Im at the 2nd spot. After lepaking, we made our move for the warm up drive before the real kelawang drive.

We stopped again at a few places as two more kakis were supposed to join us. We did some mental warm up at the end of the Hulu Langat drive before tackling Kelawang. I have never drove here before. Chamness. I can see a lot of monkeys at the side and middle of the road. Dunno will langgar a few of them or not. This seems to be a rarely used road. Less traffic.

The first part, we couldn't really speed, as there are still spots of residential and commercial areas along the road. Small towns/kampungs actually. After we passed them, the action begins.
It was a fun ride. Not much traffic. Quite a number of corners and bends. And the never-fail-to-impress Lion. Thumbs up.

We stopped by Kelawang for breakfast. Did some ice breaking and chit chat. Friendly guys and girls. Another 308 Turbo and a skillful Satria join us. They missed the rendezvous at Hulu Langat earlier. Soon, we head off towards Lekas, to go back KL.

The ride to Lekas is a bit more challenging as traffic is more. The corners are still there. The overtaking of vehicles are now more dangerous too. I almost make a mistake when trying to overtake another car. Somehow I didnt see the incoming vehicle from the opposite direction. A near miss I can say. Phew!!! Still dont know how I can miss seeing that. I think I was too focused looking further upfront. =_="
Another near miss is when I oversteer at one of the corners. The rear wheel almost hit the grasses/earth at the curb. Oversteering a FD car. Sweat.......

Overall, it was a fun drive. And at least I can learn more about the car characteristic and handling. Another thumbs up. Additional good news is that my Lion can finally break the 200kmph with breeze. Yeah!!! Perhaps from the ECU reset. No wonder I can catch up with the rest. Yay!!!

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