Saturday, 21 May 2011

First Modification - Tinting and Sound Insulation

The first thing I did with my Lion was sending it to an accessory shop, which happen to be nearby Menara Nasim where I picked it up.
I did my 3M Crystalline Premium Series Tint there for RM 1800. It was:-
  • Crystalline 60 for the front windscreen
  • Crystalline 50 for the windows
  • Crystalline 40 for the rear
  • No tinting for the moonroof as it is rather pointless and I done want to reduce the VLT  
I am not sure if it is the car colour, or its because of the tint. The white Lion is not as hot as the old black Saga after a period of parking under the hot sun. I can still feel the heat though. Is Malaysia weather that bad? I will need more experience with other brands of window tint to compare how good the 3M tint really is.

The second thing I did, in that same shop was some basic sound insulation. I was there only for doors insulation. As I will be beside the doors (as well as the passengers), I thought it will be prudent to reduce noises from the doors first. To everyone's surprise (after removing the door panels), there are already existing 3M Acoustic Insulation Solutions (NVH) in place. 

Luckily I didnt plan to install the same thing in. I did the GSI sound proofing on four of the Lion's doors to compliment the 3M insulation (also doors). They cost me RM 680. Desmond, the owner of the shop poisoned me to get 2 extra treatments done. One was to also insulate underneath the back seat cushions. Apparently noise vibrates through the huge empty column there. I did a small comparison on the before and after insulation, and the difference is obvious. The hall-like echo-ish noise was eliminated. There was another area that I treated but I forgot which area was it. =_='
They cost me additional several hundreds more bucks.....The chamness.

The only comparison I was able to make was the back insulation. For the doors, I didnt have enough mileage to make a fair comment. However, after the whole process, the Lion is very very serene to drive. Even in traffic jams, I enjoy sitting inside the car. There is virtually no noise coming from outside, even when the motorcycle pass through when I am stuck in the jam. I still can hear vehicle honks and those super loud modified motorcycle noise though. But then again, you cant really expect a total sound proof. That will make the car too dangerous to drive.

Overall, these "modifications" worth their while. Very fun, serene, and enjoyable ride.

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