Thursday, 23 December 2010

Malaysia Students getting smarter

Better Best PMR results

PETALING JAYA: A total of 30,863 candidates scored straight As in the 2010 Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination, a 0.65 percentage point increase from last year and the best PMR results in the past four years.
Education director-general Datuk Abdul Ghafar Mahmud said, however, that the results for candidates in the special category (kids with disabilites) saw a slight decline.
DG said the ministry would conduct an analysis to look into the causes.
A total of 479,675 candidates registered to take PMR, he added.

It seems like a positive news. If I am not a Malaysian that is. However, after going through the Malaysia Education System, I know very well this is just a cosmetic news. Syok sendiri as how we say it.

How proud are we for the Form 3 students to get  straight As? Meh, just another mediocre news for most. Even for the parents I assume. The response will be much greater for the parents if the child doesnt get straight As. They will be like - WTF!!! No straight As? This will tell you how cheap straight As has really become. I for one didnt and never feel proud to "achieve" such "feat". I know very well what is the agenda behind that enabled me to get the grades.

I wonder if it really feels so good to get As but to have the standards set so low. I am never the type to say - "blah, kids these days have things so easily". I am not jealous of their results. Heck, I even know and admit the examinations in my days were far easier than the days before mine. I wonder if we are getting dumber so the government need to adjust the grades to suit us.
Or they are clinging hard to their KPIs, giving rainbowish grades so that they will get a fatter bonus?

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Adventure with the community clinic

So here the story goes.
I am having a major allergy reaction. Main suspect - the painkiller by the dentist. I went for a impacted 3rd molar removal this afternoon. I thought it deserves a special coverage, but this one tops it off.

So I was having the allergy reaction at around 4.30pm, 15minutes after I swallowed the painkiller. The left eye is getting REALLY swollen, liquid kept pouring out from it. I thought it is lucky to have a clinic in your very own apartment neighborhood. So I rushed there. To my dismay, I was informed the doctor will only be there at 7pm.
I was like....WTF?? A clinic that open at 7pm? But closes at 9.30pm.
Fine, I thought. So I went back awaiting their call. Finally at 7.30pm, I was with the "doctor".

She is this old blurrish aunty with old saree.

Her  : What is the problem?
Me  : I am having an allergic reaction.
Her  : Where?
Me  : *Pointing to my eyes* Here, swollen.
Her  : What is the problem?
Me  : .......Its swollen.
Her  : Why?
Me  : ..............Allergic reaction
Her  : Oh, allergic to what?
Me  : Pain killers, I went to the dentist this afternoon
Her  : *Tunjuk muka blur*
Me  : I went to the dentist, to pull out a tooth
Her  : *Continues to act blur*
Me  : Dental Clinic....tooth extraction. So I had a painkiller.
Her  : *Eyebrows starting to curl*
Me  : *Pointing to my tooth, then mimicking a pulling movement* Deeeennnntisssstttttttt *I said*
Her  : Ohhhhh, Dentist. Why you go to the dentist?
Me  : ............................................To pull out a tooth, and he gave me painkillers, I ate them, and I am having an allergic reaction.
Her  : Is there any pain on your tooth?
Me  : *Almost explodes!!!* No, but I am having an allergic reaction to the painkillers.
Her  : So there is no pain to your tooth now?
Me  : .............................No, not NOW. But now I am having an allergy.
Her  : Where?
Me  : *Almost vomit blood* Pointing to my eyes* Its swollen.
Her  : Any pain? Or Itching?
Me  : No, only swollen. And very uncomfortable.
Her  : Where?
Me  : .....................*points at my eyes* There...........
Her  : What is the problem?
Me  : *very pissed off* I took the painkillers, and now I am having an allergic reaction....
Her  : When?
Her  : Why?
Her  : When you eat the painkillers?
Me  : ................................this afternoon.
Her  : When you have the allergy?
Her  : Any pain? Itching?
Me  : No.....swollen. Very swollen.
Her  : Where?
Me  : *malas oredi* points at face*
Her  : Getting better?
Me  : Yes, better than this afternoon.
Her  : Then it is going to get better in 2-3 days.

At this point, my brain had a seizure. If I can fucking wait for 2-3 days, why the fuck I go to the clinic for a solution? A shot, a pill or anything like that. Its like somebody with high fever, goes to a clinic, then the doctor say - oh, after the fever you will be ok again. WTF!!!!!

And the above conversation is a SHORTEN version.
She is either humiliating the whole woman society, or she is just rick-rolling me.

Bought 3 pills, worth Rs2.00

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The 3rd option

It is never easy being the 3rd option in anything. Third substitute for the 1st 11, car driver, any kind of nominee, or even a job offer.

Again, I rejected the offer to go to Kuching and the Fiji Islands. Although the offer is overwhelming, my current employers managed to convince me to stay, with a lower salary. OMGWTFBBQsauce!!!!??

Well, money isn't the only thing in life, same with career.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Increment, or decrement??

I overlooked something important before I jump to the new company. Well, I didnt actually overlook it, I just didnt know the impact of it.
Instead of having a huge salary increment, I ended up with a low one.

The culprit? Tax bracket.
It seems that my current tax bracket, is having a HUGE different with my previous one. So in maths, or accounting terms,
Instead of New Salary >> Old Salary,
it is now (New Salary-New Tax) little bit > (Old Salary-Old Tax).

The worse thing is,  I dont really feel what I am paying worth anything at all (to the government that is). I used to pay next to nothing (actually it is more like RM 0.00) to the IRB. Since I am paying shit, I am used to shitty environment and policies around me. In fact, I have little complains on National issues. I used to justify the lifestyle other countries are enjoying because of their high taxes, and that they are worth it.

Now that I am paying good money to the government, I am starting to feel pissed of on just about everything I can think of about my living condition there.
As if it is not enough being unappreciated, I am often accused, reprimanded, and assaulted for all sorts of allegations thrown by the a-little-earlier immigrant of this nation.

Can I choose where to contribute my taxes to?

Thursday, 4 November 2010

I hate Academic Exams!!!!

Everyone experience nightmares. Many people experience similar repeating nightmares night after night. I am one of them.
When I was younger, it was free falling from the sky to a monsoon drain near one of my old house. For years I have had that nightmare, even long after I moved elsewhere. I dont think it count as a nightmare though. Not really scary in a way, and it has stopped long ago. I indeed physically dropped few centimeters to my bed when I wake up from this dream.

The most recent nightmare, which also happen from time to time, is me having to go through school exams again (SPM/STPM). Perhaps this is the balasan for not studying for them back then.
I take my future, or career advancement quite seriously. So failing in those exams, can be a major setback for me. And the nightmares being so real..........scared the shit out of me each time. Worse thing is, they get even more realistic each time.

The recent episode is that I am facing a week of exam. I am not sure if it was SPM or STPM. And as usual, I didnt prepare or study for it. Not that I didnt do any last minute preparation for the exam. It was more like, in my schooling years, I never did any studying at all!
In this nightmare, I even convinced myself that I am screwed. I told myself that this time, THIS IS REAL!!!! I told myself that I had all the similar nightmares, but this one is real. And that I am screwed. I regretted not to heed the warnings from previous nightmares. =_='
Scary shit wei.....

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

100 meter dash

I am wondering.
Since I am at the beginning of this new U-turn, should I do a 100 meter dash?

I did a little dash several years back. A dash which provided me with abundance of opportunities. I squandered them all by not having enough knowledge; and by being naive.

I am now in the position to do another dash. A short dash. I rejected a long dash because my knees are not too good nowadays. Maybe not 100 meter, but I still can afford a 30 meter dash. With enough knowledge, a 30 meter dash will work just fine.

What do you think? 

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Twisting U-turn

This might seems to be an overdue update from my last post. In reality, it is not. This U-turn I am facing, is quite windy in nature.

The thing is, I do not have the regret-what-if-i-choose-the-other-one syndrome. It is partly because I step on them without looking back on the other. Mainly is because I am walking all three paths, which was not my intention.

You see, I accepted option 1, and was already "working" with the company for a few days before I accept the offer from company B. No salary though, just free services.
I was planning to pledge my loyalty to company B. Looking at long terms seeing the nature of the job. Fairly super stable, decent authority level and freedom, ok-ok pay. The kind of job which will keep you satisfied till retirement, with benefits.

I was not planning to join other companies and rejected calls for interviews. There is one exception - the temptations from company C. They never chuck away my file. They keep making one tempting offers after another.
And they seems sincere. Looks like I will be wearing a new uniform soon.

Friday, 20 August 2010


It has been a long crazy journey, and now its time to come back to the drawing board. How to move forward, in terms of my career. It is also odd, and fortunate that 3 offers came up simultaneously. Three of them are of a similar position in different companies.

The 1st one gives the most freedom and authority. I am free to make decisions, almost everything will be completely up to me. Too bad the employer is in a bit (a LOT) of a hurry to get someone in, I had to reject the offer. He couldn't even wait several days for a confirmation. I was 'hired' on the spot and somewhat started working on that day itself. I was waiting for the other two offer/interview.

The 2nd one is with a bigger company, bigger responsibilty but with more restriction on my authority level. But the should be the more glamourous in term of career position level. The money is the same as the 1st offer, not too lucrative. I will have a few months of oversea (India) stint though. Part of the job, part of the company's project.

The 3rd one will be with the most money, around 25% more. Also with some oversea stint (Fiji), but this one is the one with the most restrictions. I am guessing this will be the one with the hardest work of all.

I am now torn between the 2nd and 3rd option. I have to make a decision by the weekend. I am not sure of what I want.
The safer road is to take the 2nd. Long term stability with a slow pace.
The 3rd road will be riskier. Messing up here might practically ruin everything, including career opportunity in the future.
Decisions decisions.......

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Ugh....Been so busy these days. I do hope the taste of labor will be sweet. It is starting to show signs of sweetness..yippee...
But with good fruits, there will be worms/bees/serangga perosaks aiming to take it away from you. I have met not few of them. Haihs. Its not easy to bathe in your own victory huh? If there is any victory to bathe in.

Im hoping to train someone to be on par with my management capability, so that I can have more holidays (more than 1/2 day per month) or rest days. With the existing tasks I am handling, I highly doubt that it will be possible. But I am just one man. Chamness.

I wonder, when will it be a time when I will be truly free.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Star reporting

The reporters in The Star are getting brainless-er day by day. Nevermind the bad grammar in a public newspaper. Nevermind the badly constructed ideas. Now they are not even sure what are they writing about.

That abandonment forced a revision of the starting time, with this year's race brought forward from 5 p.m. to 4 p.m local time. That will lessen the chances of the arrival of rain, which tends to come in the late afternoon, while also heightening the chances of a re-start if the race does have to be stopped. Last year, by the time the storms had passed, it was too dark to contemplate a re-start.

 Heightening the chances of a restart? You bloody mentioned it was too dark when the storm passed. And assuming the timing of the storm to be accurate - (hint-brought forward time to avoid rain); it WILL still be too dark when the storm pass.

What an idiot. If you have no idea on how to lengthen your report, just keep it simple n short.


Yay, I got myself an iPad
stok aaaa

Sunday, 28 March 2010

A certain uncertainty

In the past, I can almost offer anything to the future. Whatever future it may represent. Career, family and everything else in between. It might not be the case now. Everyone have their own shitty times. And I can consider myself lucky that my shitty period is not as shitty as how shitty would be. It is now considered as messy.

It saddens me the most that I cant offer anything to anyone in this very distant future. I wish not to give the wrong perception to anyone. I am capable however, to make things better.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bukit Tabur (again)

It might seems that I am obsessed with this hill that I climb it again and again. The fact is, Im not. Well, maybe I am. Its just that I've yet to find a hill/mountain as interesting yet so accessible as Tabur. Kinabalu is not feasible in monetary terms, Tahan hard to find kaki, and Broga is just too sissyish.

I dont like to write so frequently about Tabur though, else there will be too many posts on it. Not that I take pics everytime I go either. But yet there's always a need for an update. There're so so much clouds lately that I am too devastated to post anything. Just so so much clouds. So much of my efforts or non-efforts going down the drain. Just like that. The positive thing is that I am still sane to remind myself that shits happen. I can start all over again. Its not the end of the world. The silver lining is that I can start over much much better than tonnes of ppl who faced the same predicament as me.

Wait.....whats the connection with the semi rantings with Tabur? Well, not everyone can notice a silver lining in shitty situations. certainly not me by myself. It helps when you have a friend pointing or pushing you to one. Giving you something to look forward to.
So I am looking forward to the next Tabur trip. Actually for any outing for that matters. When will be the next one I wonder. I hope its soon.

Oh ya....I remembered what I wanted to write initially. About my tabur guiding experience. the smallest group I guided before was 1 single person, and the biggest group I brought up before was more than 10 person. Strangers, neighbours, brother, close friends. Not all manage to go all the way up though. There's even once someone fell off one of the rocks in front of my eyes. I thought it was a gg the moment he slipped. Luckily he was stuck in between the rocks. That time was the biggest group I guided. More than 10. Most being 1st timers and strangers. There was like 4-5 different groups of kenalan bundled together to the trip.

Im not sure if the next one can be a little small. Much more smaller.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Selamat Hari Gong Xi Fatt Chai

Im so far off from the world right now.
Its a relief to receive sms-es from loved ones and non-loved ones during this festive season. Thanks a bunch to the lots of you. You have my gratitude.

The year of the Tiger eh? Will the Tiger consume me, or help me to consume? XD

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Japan Day 3-4

Continued from Japan Day 1-2
The Shinkansen ride was lovely. We could see the transition of the urban Japan to the more modern Japan along the way. The first thing that crossed my mind during the ride is - if a war should break out, Japan is very highly to survive. Almost every household have their own small farm for food!! Everyone seems so self-sufficient.

I was already in Tokyo by Day 3. I was trying to cover more of Tokyo area rather than Kyoto-Osaka in this trip. I was lucky to have planned it this way. A typhoon hit Japan and Kyoto-Osaka were badly affected. A lot of buildings were damaged and transportation was totally disconnected for the whole area. Tokyo experienced strong wind but no major damaged were reported. I had to cancel my initial planning and make do of my limited time here. We went to Akihabara because at least most things are indoors.

As expected, we did not miss the maid cafes here. Their kawaii-ness were out of this world!!!! Its feel like a pub, with waitresses n all. Minus the beers and horniness, plus a LOT LOT of mushy and kawaii stuffs. Mew Mew, Phew phew and super high pitch girl voices. Ok, maybe not minus the horniness.
You'll need to spend a lot if you wish to indulge in this kawaii environment. They charge by the hour AND also the food/drinks you order. Good business huh? Didnt scan the pics, so no underage kawaii maid pics for u.
We didnt have any plan for that night so I was just doing my trial on "lost tourist" project. I ended up in a very interesting place called Shin-Osaka (dunno correct o not). At first, I thought its just a dull place with Asian restaurants all over, especially Indian food. A few streets later, I discovered a red light district you can never find in Malaysia. Its sort of like Geylang, but much bigger, indoor, bright, colourful AND more choices, including services for the ladies, more specifically, aunties. There were more guys posters than the chicks. I even wondered if its a gayguy area. Damn sweat.

It was still raining in Day 4. The typhoon was still wrecking chaos in the south. Chamness. We went ahead with outdoor plans as the wind was not too bad then. And I dont wanna waste my money just sitting idle in the hotel.
We went to Meiji Shrine. Nothing much to do here except to witness the serene environment at the city. Its sort of like "Tin Hau Gung" of KL. Minus the altitude, smoke and noise.

Actually Im confused between Shinjuku and Shibuya area. I didnt really know when I was in Shinjuku, and when I was in Shibuya. Or I was zigzagging between them all the while? All I know is I did a lot of window shopping, and also physical shopping.

Im not sure if I mentioned this, but all of our food were of different varieties in the entire duration in Japan. We tried a different style of Tepanyaki where we need to cook it ourselves. Damn. Need to pay, then need to cook. I had no choice but to seek help.

Guess thats the end of Day 4. After makan its just the continuation of shopping shopping and shopping!!
We almost miss the last train home too. Chamness.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Japan Day 1-2

Im trying to recap the whole journey. Many details will be left out because Im too old for recaps of this nature. Sweat. Its a 2-3 days in one short because it will be too many posts if it was day by day recap. Let me see what I can churn out from my elderly state mind.

Once upon a time, I reached Osaka airport. Osaka because i arranged the trip to be a one way Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo trip thingy. Save the transportation time. Aint got that much time in the NihonLand u know?

This place is near where i stayed. A landmark of Kyoto me thinks. Some tower just outside the Kyoto Station.

I went to Himeji Castle as a start. Not so ok to my liking. I took a round and head straight to another location ( i fogot where). I know getting lost wandering around looking for night life in Kyoto. Apprently they dont have one there. More happening place will be in Osaka. Ouch. Why didnt i chose to stay in Osaka???

There're many more activites on Day 2. As a start, we went to Kinkaju-ji (Golden Temple). Its around the same as Himeji plus the crowd. Malaysia has a lot to learn from Japan's own local tourism industry. Almost everywhere I went, I was thronged by local Japanese students. Its not even the holidays yet. They are proud to visit their own temples and other attraction spots.

One of my favourite temple is the Sanjusangendo. They have those Goddess of Mercy statues all over the place. Not all over the place as in scattered. They are arranged in one long hall along with other priceless artifacts. Quite an impressive view into their religious history.

Another favourite place of mine is the Kiyomizudera. I spent most of my day here. This is one of the 'must go' of Japan, if not Kyoto. They have impressive buildings with outstanding architectural technologies. We have a few things to learn from their long-ago technologies. Its a shame that the weather (the cloud) was not too kind to me for that entire trip. Kiyomizudera would have make a very fine photography venue for me.

Night time is obviously Gion time in this area. Nothing much here though. Mostly are food and not much geisha spotting here. i encountered prettier (and younger) ones during the day in the temples. You can skip this place if you are planning for Kyoto in the future.

Food wise for these 2 days was ok-ok la. I never heard of Japan being a food-haven until I came back. I never really tasted any really really hard-to-forget food here either. Malaysians are too spoilt with their own food back home + others.
I did try their local street stalls food too. They were great but nothing to shout about.

The next day, we took the bullet train Shinkansen, the fastest version to Tokyo. More or less the same price as an air ticket. But the services and speed can match with an airplane!!

Here goes - Japan Day 3-4

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Avatar 3D

I didnt bother to take a second look when its 1st advertisement was out. With the good reviews, curiousity will always kill the cat. And I just watched it with my friend just now. Its proven that you can ask gals to do any technical stuffs. Despite all the guidance, she insists that there are only a few seats left in all of KL/PJ cinemas. Internet booking, phone, u name it, she's tried it. One quick check revealed that ALL the cinemas are having plenty of seats.
Getting on with the movie.

I cant phantom watching it non-3D after watching the 3D version. It was awesome. Sure, 2D is great as well but 3D was on a whole different level. I used to dread so called "3D movies" because the trying-so-hard effects distract me from the actual movie. I guess movies gearing for 3D versions are maturing fast.

Story-wise it was good. Not as superb as I heard but its good. The ending could've left a bigger impact if the hero dies. Then it'll be the director's trademark - just like in titanic.
Sort of like - the cabin is shatter prove n all. And the only thing the heroine can do is to watch the hero dying inside. They having a few last words, to keep on living or fighting, stuffs like that ala titanic. Then an OST playing behind, titanic style.
I bet it gonna sell more. Many will watch it over n over again - titanic effect.

No cun chick though. Sad case.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


This is a long long due post. I was too bz (lazy) to post this up. I was thinking that I should edit the pictures before posting anything on the web. I gave up. I dont have the patience to edit so many pics. So I'll just post a short review on my trip there.

The 1st day I was there, I was welcomed by hordes n hordes of leng luis. Leng zais oso got but I didnt really notice them. Their profiency in english is very good too. Almost everyone know what I was saying and able to give me feedbacks. Nice.
My first real bento

Eh, I realise that I am now seeing impressive photos from my mum's camera. I thought its mine. My memory is getting worse.
So for this post, I'll just spam with her pics which you'll never find from my camera.

I uploaded all and waited so long only for blogger to fail me and uploaded just one.
Crap. Well, just head to my FB to view the pics. Sweat

Monday, 4 January 2010


Hmm. In KL now. Till the 10th perhaps. And now its only the 4th. I was just thinking - What? tomorrow is already the 5th?!!? 4th and 5th is so far apart for me somehow. Today is still early. Tomorrow is already so late. Such an unstable state of mind.

Just like yesterday in Lum's wedding. Actually in every wedding, I dont really drink. I have had a bad experience with the man in uniform previously, long ago. I dread everytime I think about having liquor then having to drive home. Yesterday I was trying to yumseng like I was the host. Chamness. Luckily no one took up my challenge. Luckily there wasn't any beers around too. Mixture of spirit, wine and beer will do wonders to most people. Not me me thinks.

I've got tomorrow and a day planned. Lets see about the rest.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Too many with too few

It has been a very very complicated end quarter for me. Too many things happened with too few updates here. Career-wise, personal-wise, love-wise, money-wise. More down than ups for all aspects. Everything came crushing down together at the same time. In some aspect, they are still tumbling all over.

Too many fresh beginning to welcome 2010.
One cant say they are not good beginnings. Maybe they are a mean to an end. End of the last quarter avalanche. I am not sure whether I am being slapped back into reality, or that I am being pulled out from reality. The blue pill and the red pill taste so similar.

I need a holiday.
A real backpack. I need to let go and let free.
Joe, interested? Come.