Saturday, 26 September 2009

Samsung i8910 HD

Weee, just got it today.
Its a big phone, but quite light. Maybe they use some aero-shit alu to make it. Wakakaka.
Actually no la. Normal plastic gua. I oso dunno.

My initial comment on it is -
Mebbe Im used to WinMo and stylus operation. This symbian and capacitive screen very hard to adapt leh. Especially when browsing the Internet. Buttons so small, how to click neh? Haihs. Summore got lost features. Maybe the newer roms will fix it. Dont dare to touch on roms yet. Not expert yet ma. huhuhu.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Micro Marathon

Ngam ngam participated in a micro marathon. Micro coz its only 6km. A merdeka run in the month of September.... I dont know which sesat ppl organise a merdeka run so late in September. Wakakakaka.

Anyhow. From this experience, I know truly madly deeply on how weak I am :(
Very chamness.
I barely manage 2km out of the 6km. Sweat....I know. Pathetic. sob sob......

Summore I lose to those aunties. Not only the aunties, I even lose to those primary school students. Pathetic-er!!!! sob sob....-er!!!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Hali Laya end liau loo

No more holiday liau looo. Very the chamness.
Back rendaming in the sea. Anybody can give me back my holidays? The annual leaves oso habis liau. Chamness. Who can give me my annual leaves back?

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Silamat Hali Laya

Hooray!!! Its the festive season again. Hooray!!!! Holiday!!!!
hmmm.....Few days of holidays still mean holiday rite? Yay!!!!!

This is the 1st time I encounter some Balik Kampung experiences. I was not directly involved, but at least I see how horrid it actually is.
Traffic Jam for miles in the middle of the highway..... To think if I will actually be involve in the jam, it idiotic. Luckily I was in the opposite side of the highway. It was 2.30am...yes...2.30am!!!!! And the traffic was really really horrible. Its like the bumber to bumper KL morning rush. Just longer, and much more meaningless. Why meaningless? What about family values, raya spirit? Ask me again and I will still say its quite meaningless and borderline of idiotic. Not the family value n raya spirit, but the jam....
I believe throughout the years, the same thing had happen over n over n over n over again. I believe we as human, being an intellectual creature, should have thought of a way or system to ease/combat this kind of meaningless endeavor. But we, or rather them (those in the jam) didnt. Haihs....

And then the arrivals of 'kampung-babaric-minded' drivers to KL. Driving on the fast lane at below 80km/h, not giving way even after the flood light signal. Memang bodoh.
People going out and going in having the same level of intelligence. And we are stuck in between.

Luckily there are silver linings to spice up the raya season.
1st I've finally settled my Japan visa. Actually not yet settle. Now awaiting approval at Jalan Tun Razak. But consider settle oredi la. Wakakakaka. The itinerary I malas to think. At this stage, after so many travels, I would like to try a different type of travel - a clueless traveller. huhuhu.
Getting lost, having a hard time in chicken-duck conversation, getting chopped. All this can be said to be a true traveller experience no? huhuhu.

Saturday, 12 September 2009


What if you are offered

  • 50% salary increment
  • Job promotion
  • New exciting role at work
  • New better location (workplace)
  • Extra room for career growth
I assume the last thing you will do is to reject the offer. That was the 1st thing I did. One month ago, I would do anything for this kind of offer. Now is one month too late.
It's strange that I am asked to reconsider the offer. Strange as in - it is a very very good offer, and yet I am offered it twice, even after I rejected it.

I am not sure if I will regret this. Hopefully not. But there is now a path in front of me that I know I should try. To break free from the rat race. If I accepted the above offer, I will still be in the rat race. A bigger rat I will be, but still a rat. A big rat will have bigger problems to escape from the dreadful race.

I just hope my plans work well. Good luck to me!!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Kicking Off !!!!!

My great plans is now on the move. Actually its just a great plan. The s is added to help a comrade. And the s took mucho of my bullets away. More than 60% of my bullet.
Not mucho of a return from that s plan. Sigh. But comradeship is needed in this world to survive. I needed to give away a huge portion of cake to others in my orginal big plan too. We cant be too greedy in this world. Too many people will be looking forward to kick you down when you reach higher. You will need some comrades to withstand those kicks.

Wish me luck dude.
The match has begun!!!!! Kicking off now!!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Mini Malaysia Tour

Hei ho!! I am back from a mini Malaysia tour.
I covered 4 of the biggest state in Malaysia during my 3 or 4 days driving marathon. What I realised was, the life in those very different states are not very different after all. All that matters is the company you keep. After all, its just those few roads that separate us.

Well then, there has been quite a lot of things dancing in my mind, a lot of plans waiting in line to be kicked off.
Sometimes, it is extremely to difficult to choose which path I should follow.
Should I partake the path where I choose what I want in life?
Or should I walk the path where I choose what is available in life?
Both is very viable path and have their own multitude of followers. Many swear with their life over either one.

What I want is not necessarily good, or not necessarily suitable for me, or want me.
What is available is not necessarily bad, and might possibly suits me, and want me.

But then again, things can be completely vice versa. Aha!! The paradox of life. While the statement gives reasoning to walk the latter path, what about the former? Many will argue - what you want matters the most. But that same many, might not have walked my path before. That same many, might be still in their "Enid Byton" stage.