Saturday, 31 January 2009

Wasteful Indulgence

There was something I wanted to buy in Malaysia, since 1/2 year ago. On both the trips I was back, I couldnt keep my eyes off it. But too mahal lar. RM 325. Ouch....
I bought sumthing else. Not too expensive, and its nice oso.

Then suddenly here while I was lunching, I saw SALES!!!!!! So there I went, hoping I can find a pair of nice basketball shoes. Uiks!!! Got wor.... 65% discount tim.
But think think again, not very active here in Basketball. Buy mah waste? Might as well wait till back in Msia oni buy rite?
But the temptation is high oso. 65%.... huhuhu
And the price is ok and quite cheep compared to the same range in Msia. How how?
Ended up didnt buy coz wanna buy one maybe in London or Malaysia when I go baxk.

Then leh, tetiba at the corner of my eyes, I saw sumthing. The Adidas Microbounce+ DLX running shoes!!!!! Got 2 stickers there, one written $749.99, and another one $350.00. Im like uiks?? I ask the salesman, "eh, which one is the correct?" He said its the $350.00 punyer. Im like uiks again. Didnt write got discount. N so nice punyer model.... so fast discount 50%?
I tried it on....ngam ngam my size....WTFOMGBBQ!!!11oneone11! Rarely sales items got my size in Msia. Maybe here all big size, so sales item got my size here.
Fate!!!! So i bought it. But then again, at the cashier, I ask again "this kasut is the $350.00?" He said ya lor. Im like uiks again n again.

But now a lil bit regret tim. Coz sudah bazir wang. LOL.
2molo go jogging. Yay

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Friday, 16 January 2009

Bank Robbers. Me so bahaya

30k oredi kena tembak. I almost everyweek oso go bank tim. Sure evelibadi recognise me liau. Most of the time, I always take out more than 30k. sweat

Actually very easy to target ppl wan. Esp those withdrawing huge sum of mani. The system here oso cacat wan. The ATM oni can withdraw maximum of 3k per week. Even normal ppl oso need to take out more la. Ini pulak business ppl. So, ppl who make huge transactions, and often, surely will be recognise by the local ppl there. And also the bank workers.
So the next time you go there, the locals or the worker can agak you are going to take out a lot of money. The queue to the counter usually takes around 45minutes (yes, dem bodoh). So, they will have plenty of time to prepare and ambush you later.

Very cham lah me.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009 get??

Hmm.... My bonus is not in yet :(
The thing is, majority of the ppl here came late, meening less than a year service in TnT. Meening Meening they are not supposed to get bonus, contract says they will get it only end of this year. Delayed one year.

But what about me leh? Im here for more than a year oredi. Im supposed to get mine. Ugh. Dont lump me together leh. Jilakat.
Even this year is the recession year, so the announced bonus might not be much, Im still entitled to it.
Almost CNY now. Gimme gimme leh.

Since I wanna go back to Malaysia, I definitely need some upgrade in gadget. Interneting or gaming. Im not sure about lappie allocation yet. If im indeed ending up in the same company with same lappie, then I dun need to buy a lappie albeit the current one is quite old...cant really play games, or use photochop. :((
But takkan use 2 lappie. Ish. A desktop? I rarely do heavy gaming nowadays though. Photochop can borrow sis PC geh, maybe help her upgrade her monitor oni.
Still, depends on the current lappie status quo.

Then while Im lepaking, how leh? I meen in wifi spots. No ok-ok lappie oso. Get a mobile one?
My eyes currently on this one - Nokia N97. Few months to go before release though.
On Malaysia soil, should be touching around RM 2.8k? Ohmaigoat!!!
These kind of things only pretty cool for a few months, then they'll die off replaced by other models/brands. No such extra cash for luxury. Might as well put it in to lappie/desktop fund.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Public Transport

Well, when one complains about a certain situation, one should do sumthing about it. If not, he will be just a hyprocrite. No? Yes me thinks.
Because I did complain about the traffic situation I encounter when I'm back, I did do sumthing bout it.

I didnt change the traffic situation la...Im just one man.
But I did try alternative ways to travel - taking the public transports (PT).
Most of the time, I take public transport to get around places - especially KL.

I discovered though, the public transport system in Malaysia is quite screwed up. In order to get to the PT needed, you will need your own car. This is because - you will need to travel significantly before you get to a PT. You will need to worry and find expensive parking for your car. Or illegal parking for that matter. Before paying additional for the PT.

Then again, the LRT n monorail system is quite bodoh oso.
I always go during non-peak hours. But I always get cramped like its in peak hours. Those stupid train drivers actually stop n wait for passengers. WTH. They employed from MetroBus? So you actually need to wait for quite sometimes before you can get to your destination. LRT konon. They wanna create those utilised feel or sumthing?

They spent so much on the infrastructure, why wanna waste our time and money, IF they intend on saving on the operation cost? More passenger per trip n such. This is just a fraction of their depreciation cost n other things. Bodohnyer. If the gomen can bail out kaki companies like Proton n MAS, they should use those mani to spend on these system.

So, whats the convenience preach by the gomen about PT as our alternative? Sigh