Sunday, 22 February 2009

Carnival 09 Sneak Peak

I cant believe it.
Either I got lazier in taking photos, or I got suckier. I guess its both :(
It was raining off and on though, which means taking photograph will be harder.
Other than that, I cant believe a cheappo 50mm can produce better results than the tammy. If I remember correctly, most of the better pictures were taken by the entry level prime lense.
I should try to bring just that lense out 2molo n see see.

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Slowpoke a bit. Im not in Msia ma.
Although I am using Digi, Im gonna fucking boycott Digi once I reach Malaysia soil. Im gonna freaking boycott anyone using Digi. If you happen to use Digi, then fuck you. Ok, maybe not fuck you. Ignorance is bliss. I was ignorant too. But u fucking better change to sumthing else than Digi. Even the bloody Celcom which I dun like. Ok, not bloody Celcom, just Celcom. But fucking Digi is unacceptable. If you need to pay to change, or need money to buy the simcard, so be it. I PAY!!!!!!

Its not about poor receptions, its not about their rates. This is about principle and the disgrace felt for living on the same soil with them. Stupid mother fuckers.
This is by FAR the angriest post I ever have in my bloody entire life. And Im not even under alcohol influence.

I cant believe stupidity and idiocracy can be in such a monumental level now in Malaysia. Seeing a sponsored widely promoted media spreading and promoting it is even worse.

Even if your earlier intention on creating the event was meant to be noble. But it is a suck ass fuck shit results u came out with.

I hope you can come to ur senses and apologise to those who are permanently tormented by your actions. I hope you get ur ass sued too. Even if legal action is not successful, your stupidity and insensitivity should be spread far and wide so you can bankrupt earlier.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Carnival time

Its Carnival time again this year. Recession oso got a little impact here I guess, since there are less speakers and music around. Next monday and tuesday can snap pictures again.

Few pic from last year

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Life Water

Another episode of my life water.
White white hilang at least RM 15k. Very the alamaks. They are actually my rightful reimbursement. They are now gone because I requested to be transfered back early. I could've gotten them if I requested to transfer in April. Then back in Malaysia in May.
2 months of difference, 15k white white gone.

Well, I believe a silver lining will appear once I reach Malaysia. It is always like this. My life water. Everytime I lose monetary, I tend to gain from other things.
I do feel disappointed over the lost. I can do a lot of things with it. But I've been through so much that I know its useless to be too negative about it.
Even if I am so poor right now. :(

What I have to do now is to anticipate whatever nice things which may come my way later. Hopefully a good one.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Saving Money!!!! Must save 1st before ANYTHING else

I realise I can save a lot when I do it unconciously.
I tried to save conciously.
By putting them into Unit Trusts and shares. I dont really speculate or try to be greedy. Its just a place for me to store money.
But I friggin lose 40% of the value on those things.
Ppl call it "life water". True to a point.
If I have save it in my bank, they would have long gone. Become material things liau. Worse than now I suppose.
If I have bought a property earlier, it might have been collapsed.
Worse than now I suppose.

But by me saving money unconciously, I can see my cash is actually accumulating.
I changed my mere income (10% of total) to Pound Sterling because I wanted to go vacation with Lifong in UK. This currency exchange thingy has been going on for 2 months since the Pound dropped.
Because of unavoidable circumstances, the vacation got cancelled. So I did a brief count on the Pound I have.....
Its like OMGWTFBBQ!!oneone11!!shiftone!!1

They are not much. But 2 months worth of 10% income is half of my TOTAL savings of 2 years. Really the sweat.
I must adapt to my own form of saving.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Monday, 9 February 2009

Monetary Waste

Without knowledge, one is doomed.
I was doomed. I am still doomed.

I have no one to blame for, except myself. I had every opportunity to change my star. I have every capability to become financially independent. Logic tells everyone, nothing that is highly vaulable or worthy comes cheap or easy. Yet I chose the lazy path. Costly mistake. Very costly mistake which set back my capability now.

Yet, the oppoturnity to garner more knowledge never cease. No point being a sour grape.
No point crying over spilled soup. You'll only waste more time and oppoturnity with it.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Eating KFC with my eyes

The other day I was having KFC for dinner. KFC is sort of cheap compared to other food. No money mah, mah eat KFC lo.

I was in the middle of Bnet oso. Main game lar katakan. Eating while playing is very the normal geh.
But leh.....a small piece came out. And it went to my eye. Right eye.
Woah...dem uncomfortable. But I kenot use my hand to touch it. Both oso dem oily and dirty.

So I rushed to the toilet. Controlling the dem uncomfy feeling man.
But my auto reflex finally took over. Very good oredi wan la, controlling auto reflex for so long....

My eye blinked twice. Blink Blink, glurp!!!
When I reach the toilet, the piece of chicken is gone liau. Inside the eye....
I tried to korek my eye, but still kenot find.

This is not the 1st time my eyes telan stuffs. Wonder where they go.
Any medic student care to explain?