Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Lion's Journey

I have seen interesting and informative blogs on their car. I can extract a lot of information from them. A very big thank you to all of you.
I am trying to log down my own journey, from a very noob perspective, and hopefully can be developed into a more mature past time.

The 308 THP is my very 1st non-national car. Some might say I am wasting money, but the little bit of cumulative joy I gained is what makes me feel alive. Its what living all about.
I am currently away, only able to visit my Lion every now and then. But the time with it, are happy times.

The only downpart is my brother had to bang it because of his driving attitude. The front bumper clip was broken and not fixed since then. It was only weeks after I got the Lion from the warehouse.
The even more sad part is within a week, another major crash to my Lion by the same brother because of the same reason, the driving attitude. The conti tyre burst from the impact and god knows what is the long term effect to the chassis. Both are not unavoidable accidents. That is the frustrating part.

Another bad decision I made was to subscribe to Cars International. A 3 year subscription, so I predict 3 years of frustrations. On the first day itself, the dial/button from the auto-cruise arm fell off. It was never retrieved as I only found out later. WTF!!!!! Luckily it is a rarely used function. But the so very young Lion has already have so many defects due to negligence from other parties other than me. Ugh......
To make things worse, Cars international doesnt really do a good job in washing and detailing of the car. You can find unwashed places all over the Lion. This is the same for all the outlets. I have tried many of them. i guess this is the price to pay for subscribing to a franchise. Should have just gone for any reputable standalone car-wash outlets, while getting hands on once in a while to enhance my detailing knowledge.

Bad things aside. It is a very wonderful car to drive. I used to be content with my previous ride. A car is used to bring you from A to B correct? The trusty Iswara did handle the job perfectly all these years. But the Lion added sheer joy to it.

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