Thursday, 23 December 2010

Malaysia Students getting smarter

Better Best PMR results

PETALING JAYA: A total of 30,863 candidates scored straight As in the 2010 Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination, a 0.65 percentage point increase from last year and the best PMR results in the past four years.
Education director-general Datuk Abdul Ghafar Mahmud said, however, that the results for candidates in the special category (kids with disabilites) saw a slight decline.
DG said the ministry would conduct an analysis to look into the causes.
A total of 479,675 candidates registered to take PMR, he added.

It seems like a positive news. If I am not a Malaysian that is. However, after going through the Malaysia Education System, I know very well this is just a cosmetic news. Syok sendiri as how we say it.

How proud are we for the Form 3 students to get  straight As? Meh, just another mediocre news for most. Even for the parents I assume. The response will be much greater for the parents if the child doesnt get straight As. They will be like - WTF!!! No straight As? This will tell you how cheap straight As has really become. I for one didnt and never feel proud to "achieve" such "feat". I know very well what is the agenda behind that enabled me to get the grades.

I wonder if it really feels so good to get As but to have the standards set so low. I am never the type to say - "blah, kids these days have things so easily". I am not jealous of their results. Heck, I even know and admit the examinations in my days were far easier than the days before mine. I wonder if we are getting dumber so the government need to adjust the grades to suit us.
Or they are clinging hard to their KPIs, giving rainbowish grades so that they will get a fatter bonus?

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Adventure with the community clinic

So here the story goes.
I am having a major allergy reaction. Main suspect - the painkiller by the dentist. I went for a impacted 3rd molar removal this afternoon. I thought it deserves a special coverage, but this one tops it off.

So I was having the allergy reaction at around 4.30pm, 15minutes after I swallowed the painkiller. The left eye is getting REALLY swollen, liquid kept pouring out from it. I thought it is lucky to have a clinic in your very own apartment neighborhood. So I rushed there. To my dismay, I was informed the doctor will only be there at 7pm.
I was like....WTF?? A clinic that open at 7pm? But closes at 9.30pm.
Fine, I thought. So I went back awaiting their call. Finally at 7.30pm, I was with the "doctor".

She is this old blurrish aunty with old saree.

Her  : What is the problem?
Me  : I am having an allergic reaction.
Her  : Where?
Me  : *Pointing to my eyes* Here, swollen.
Her  : What is the problem?
Me  : .......Its swollen.
Her  : Why?
Me  : ..............Allergic reaction
Her  : Oh, allergic to what?
Me  : Pain killers, I went to the dentist this afternoon
Her  : *Tunjuk muka blur*
Me  : I went to the dentist, to pull out a tooth
Her  : *Continues to act blur*
Me  : Dental Clinic....tooth extraction. So I had a painkiller.
Her  : *Eyebrows starting to curl*
Me  : *Pointing to my tooth, then mimicking a pulling movement* Deeeennnntisssstttttttt *I said*
Her  : Ohhhhh, Dentist. Why you go to the dentist?
Me  : ............................................To pull out a tooth, and he gave me painkillers, I ate them, and I am having an allergic reaction.
Her  : Is there any pain on your tooth?
Me  : *Almost explodes!!!* No, but I am having an allergic reaction to the painkillers.
Her  : So there is no pain to your tooth now?
Me  : .............................No, not NOW. But now I am having an allergy.
Her  : Where?
Me  : *Almost vomit blood* Pointing to my eyes* Its swollen.
Her  : Any pain? Or Itching?
Me  : No, only swollen. And very uncomfortable.
Her  : Where?
Me  : .....................*points at my eyes* There...........
Her  : What is the problem?
Me  : *very pissed off* I took the painkillers, and now I am having an allergic reaction....
Her  : When?
Her  : Why?
Her  : When you eat the painkillers?
Me  : ................................this afternoon.
Her  : When you have the allergy?
Her  : Any pain? Itching?
Me  : No.....swollen. Very swollen.
Her  : Where?
Me  : *malas oredi* points at face*
Her  : Getting better?
Me  : Yes, better than this afternoon.
Her  : Then it is going to get better in 2-3 days.

At this point, my brain had a seizure. If I can fucking wait for 2-3 days, why the fuck I go to the clinic for a solution? A shot, a pill or anything like that. Its like somebody with high fever, goes to a clinic, then the doctor say - oh, after the fever you will be ok again. WTF!!!!!

And the above conversation is a SHORTEN version.
She is either humiliating the whole woman society, or she is just rick-rolling me.

Bought 3 pills, worth Rs2.00