Monday, 29 September 2008

Flying Rock

Most of the blastings are safe. This is because of the advancement of knowledge and technology in blasting. But then again, not all technology is available for certain countries. Knowledge can be said to be limited to human factor. Trinidad is not really an advance country. They only have materials and methods used in Malaysia (long before I was born) available. Back in those time, blasting can be said to be a lot more "uncontrolled" aka dangerous. Coupled with human limitation, accidents can happen.

The above is the example why it can be dangerous. Most of the time, I prefer to watch a blast from a viewable angle. This is because I will know where the blast will be heading. I know it from the design anyway, so I will know where to stand. If the blast is too big (rarely), I will just go and have tea somewhere - far away.

This time I was in an uncle's car, with him driving. He insisted in parking the car behind a cliff (we were blasting on a location behind the cliff). I told him its not very comforting to have the cliff blocking the view. And we'll never know if a stone might fall. Due to his "manhood" (human nature) and the fact that he is behind the steering wheel, we stayed there. And without me knowing, the drillercum blaster made some holes (horizontal blast - which will send rocks flying), again - human nature.

So the result is as what you see in the photos. One stone fell barely 50 meter away from me. Im not 50meter further, the stone fell parallel to where I am. It could've hit the car straight through the roof and hit people - me. Chamness.
It gone through the roof, damaged an I-Beam, then hit the rubber conveyor and crushing the steel bracket. Energy cushioned so many times yet the damage is quite alarming.

So remember folks. Dont take things, however routine they maybe, so lightly.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Fitness level

I know I have not been in the best form lately. OK fine!!! Not lately but for quite a while. Many instances stuck me back to reality and there's one struck me again just moments ago.

My colleague advised me to try doing pushups in the morning. Or jog/walk around the housing area during the weekends. OMGWTFBBQ!!!!
Those are like advices meant for geezers. Am I degraded to such level?
She laughed when I said I was quite fit before. In fact, very fit.
WTFOMGBBQ!!!! She laughed and didnt believe me. :(

I need to do something real quick. I always managed to do things real quick. Too bad they end up being discarded real quick too.
Aisehman..... I need the discipline to sleep regulary. Exercise consistently.

Dont look down on me. Jilakat.
Before Im back to Malaysia, I wanna be healthy again.
I wanna do 100 pushups again.
I wanna do 25 chinups again.
I wanna do unlimited situps again.


Thursday, 4 September 2008


Every photographer at one point or another will have made his own lightbox.
My pathetic attempt seems to be a failed one.

A simple White Balance tweak change things around....
Dem....there's no completely white paper around here......