Sunday, 31 May 2009

We need to eliminate smaller fishes for bigger fishes

In this time of economic uncertainty, even the cronies are feeling the heat.
ALOR STAR:Works Ministry is phasing out part-time contractors as they produced shoddy jobs, said its minister, Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor.

He said there were far too many contractors in the country, numbering some 45,000, and it had to be reduced by retaining full-time contractors.

"It is hoped that the part-timers will be phased out. If you want to be contractors, you must be serious about it and make it your main source of income.

"Most part-time contractors take things easy and as such, they produced shoddy work. Some of them are using other people's licences and this is not a healthy culture," he told reporters after opening the Kedah Malay Contractors Association here on Saturday night.

Shaziman said about 31,000 contractors in the country were in class F category.

He urged small-time contractors to set up consortiums to give them the synergy to pool their resources and expertise and enable them to compete globally.

Shaziman advised owners of construction machines to register these with the association to enable ill-equipped contractors to rent them.

"This will not only forge cooperation among contractors but also help others to save cost," he added. - Bernama

They have been giving cronies free $$ for shoddy works for centuries. And the cronies has always enjoyed supports from the "rakyat" who made up the 45,000 contractors + workers. Coz the $$ is distributed amongst them. How did you think money politics take place mostly? Cold hard cash just like that? Some cases yes, but mostly, by offering contracts and turning one eye blind over the shoddy works.
Why you think there's a big hole in the middle of the highway? Infamous leak at the parliment?

But now, since the $$ is less to be shared, they will need to weed out the small fishes. More $$ for the bigger fish. Looks like more unemployment soon. Then there;s one funny statement above.
He urged small-time contractors to set up consortiums to give them the synergy to pool their resources and expertise and enable them to compete globally.

WTF competing globally? Fancy engrish? This is shoddy works with very very very very very very very very very very very very very very poor workmanship and you want them to jump to woooo......... "competing globally". Fancy engrish?
I've almost never encounter the "talk cock sing song" theory personally. Now I know why there's such a phrase.

24 hours notice for Rempits to surrender

As per title......nah, just joking. Rempits will never be apprehended. Because they are "future leaders", they are entitled to snatch, rob, rape and kill. At least within the border of Malaysia. Its in the constitution they say.

Now if you are not in the same ethnic group as them, then you will be hunt down nationwide for your crimes. Whatever crime, cause you are deemed to be "dirty" or "less holy". I got stopped before by police blocks in the middle of the night, and threaten with arrest because I was lepaking with 4 Malay friends. And they say they are trying to promote unity? 1Malaysia? OMFG what a joke! It was a friendly mamaque trip, I am not even the driver, but a passenger. My friends did back me up when the highly efficient crime solving officers threaten to arrest me to the police station for "spreading dirty activities to the Malay friends". The allegation came out of no where. And some of you say I am racist. My foot. See the scenario again. Who I was lepaking with again? Who backed me up? Its the government and its entire entity who are being racist AND promoting racism.

I heard Lim Kit Siang is going to be "questioned" for seditious remarks on the PM. So when are they going to arrest many more BN counterparts for seditious remarks on non-BN cronies? Or seditious remarks are deemed to be racism based handled? Oh wait, forgot. EVERYTHING here in Malaysia work that way.

And for the title - 24 hours surrender notice. Hmm, will there be a surrender notice for rempits? 24 hours notice for a sponsored trip to Taiwan maybe. For those who are not in Malaysia, dont be surprised. Yes, they DO plan to organise fully sponsored vacations for thieves, robbers, rapists and murderers. You just need to have the right lineage.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Colour skin crimes

I hope you guys are not new to the term rempits. Hahahaha. Sorry, couldnt help laughing. I mean, who the fuck dont know what is rempit in Malaysia. Go kill yourself now if you dont know, seriously.

And for obvious reasons, they are not regarded as threat by our government. Even if they snatch, kill and rob. They are just "too bored", "misguided temporarily", and the most hilarious - "future leaders of Malaysia". Well, the future leader statement in my opinion is very true indeed. look at our current ones and compare. They see themselves in them, hence them making that statement. If not, why? hahahaha, fucking hilarious again.

Crimes will only be acknowledge if you are not "future leaders".
For example - AhLong cases. While they are bad ass, but the victims are completely 100% in the blame as well. The innocent family members might not be though. But compared with the 0% blame on rempit victims, this is almost like comparing thieving and rob-kill.

Refer to this Rempit Style and this AhLong style. and our dear PM is worried on the AhLong, while encouraging Rempits. Hold your horses and tackle the right problems if you dont have the resources dude. Let the deserving AhLong victims taste their own medicine for a while and HELP YOUR RAKYATS.

You may think your behaviour and the Rempits are the same but they are certainly NOT our future leaders. This is a problem NEED IMMEDIATE addressing. Even an idiot know which one to worry more.

Intraday Trading

Shit man. I asked my broker about intraday trading on 27/05/09 for the fees and requirements. He only told me the fees will be 0.15% instead of 0.42% or a minimum of RM28. So I mah stepped into the realm of Intraday Trading lo. Started with Huaan, then today KNM. Riskier, but accumulated small peanuts, make big sags of peanuts.

But then again I saw the fees remained at 0.42%, cutting my peanuts by quite a lot!!! I confronted the agent at 9am today and keep sending reminder because he didnt response. He only responded at 3pm!!!!!
He said I need to fill in some form. WTF!!!! Before this why never tell? Now only tell? And so late???

Damn shit man... Public Mutuals agent and fund managers are bullshit. Now own e-trading also encounter bullshits. Non stop bullshit in this dog-eat-dog world man. OT-makes me think of Pulau Ketam.

KNM (7164)

AVP - RM 0.825
TP - RM 0.845

Queued at 0.825, didnt want to miss the boat by queuing lower. Even I queued at this price, the best buying price at that time, it took a while before it was matched. Changed from earlier 0.820 queue too. It did went to 0.815 in a 30 minutes time frame. Scared me for a while.

Queued to sell at 0.845 and went to sleep. Didnt want to get burnt. The price is now 0.890 and its just 3:35pm. After deducting the fees, earned a Jogoya meal. Good trade on a risky day.

Negative Cashflow

I did a rough calculation on my spending and the result shocked me. I am having a negative cashflow!!!! OMG OMG.
I didnt even put in lavish spendings. Just makan, loan repayments, rental, petrol.
Really the OMG. I dont even know where to cut. Except to eat less. Sweat.

The only other option is to earn more. Hmm.
I dont think a consistent earning in the stock market should be taken into account. I dont think I can pull it off either. I was uncle limming all the while. Even if they are educated uncle limming, it is still unwise to count it as butter n bread. Extra servings of desserts ok la.

So how to earn more? Consistently. Overquotes like invest in education/knowledge not really welcomed. That that Im against the quote, Im against the quoters who just know how to quote. Im having a fair share of cash to make good use of. Not big amount, but sufficient for small plays in various of fields. I just need to find out - which field is good and can provide me of what I want.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Malaysia economy contracted by 6.2%

I saw an earlier news about the possibility of a greater contraction than predicted. By the way Malaysians react to such news, I knew its not a problem to jump in and take some profit (Huaan). I was lucky as I was doing intra-day trading. Not only I saved on the commission, I was able to pull my foot back up before the real announcement was made. Quote from The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: The economy contracted by 6.2% in the first quarter (Q1) from the same period a year ago as a significant deterioration in external demand dragged the key manufacturing sector significantly lower.

Bank Negara Governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz said at a media briefing on Wednesday that “the deterioration was greater than expected” and that the exports outlook “remained weak”.

She added that Q2’s performance would likely be similar to the quarter under review.

According to the central bank’s report on the economy, all sectors experienced contractions year-on-year except for construction, which was boosted by spending through fiscal measures.

It added that the large inventory drawdown, particularly in manufacturing and commodity, also contributed to the decline in growth.

The manufacturing sector declined significantly by 17.6% led by a 23.1% contraction in export-oriented industries with the electrical and electronics subsector experiencing a steep 41.4% contraction.

The domestic-oriented industries also experienced a decline of 15.9% due to weakness in both consumer- and construction-related subsectors.

The central bank said the services sector was flat following a 0.1% decline due to the impact from subsectors closely linked to the manufacturing sector.

It added that the trade surplus remained large at RM32.7bil as the contraction in imports was larger than in exports due to the lower imports of intermediate and capital goods.

Even as a layman, the numbers are frightening. I think I will just stay at the sideline and monitor how things goes for the rest of the week. Thats almost the best I can do with my limited knowledge. The Public Mutual fund managers might jump into a suicide mission and squander my money before they recover. Go back to being Office Boys demmit.

HUAAN (2739)

AVP - RM 0.415
TP - RM 0.445

Queued at 0.415, the lowest price, and matched. Lucky coz it just barely minutes and touched that mark. It picked up after lunch to 0.440. Highest queue to sell was 0.450. Didnt sell higher because the volume is too much. Didnt want to risk, so sold at 0.445. Price went up and touched 0.495, closed at 0.475.

No regrets because it was gloomy on most other parts.

TEBRAU (1589)

AVP - RM 0.541
TP - RM 0.790

Touched 0.80 a lil but my highest option was 0.79. Not free to monitor at that time.
So 0.79 was the best highest selling price for that day. Lucky.

It remained the best highest selling price for many days after. Very lucky.

KLCI May rally

It has been a productive week. My previous losses was completely wiped out in just two trades. Not paper gain as I sold off the shares. Now only left with paper loss which I wont be selling for a very long future. Put it there to remind me of the possible losses I can make.

Stock Market versus Unit Trusts

I dump my money into unit trusts, specifically Public Mutual for two reasons.
1. As a forced saving
2. Malas to play in stock market

I do buy shares once in a while when Im free to analyse them. But more towards unit trusts. My relationship with unit trust kept dwindling though. While I understand unit trusts are not meant for instant or short term gain, I didnt expect it to make 40% of cash vanish. It was good initially. +30% in the first year, then the great decline came. Not that I am blaming anyone for the trusts' value to drop, but wtf with the big big drop.

The fund managers are definately idiots. Or they are just officeboy promoted to be fund managers, seeing the amount and types of fund coming out every month. Maybe thats why the mismanage of funds. I mean, they are making the same mistakes as I do. During the great decline, I made a few wrong choices, and they make the same wrong choices. So I lose 40% in both Stock Market and Unit Trust.
Now that the great decline has pass, I recouped 50% of the 40% lost in Stock Market, and those fund managers in Unit Trusts are not even catching up!!

If they cant match random uneducated share picking by a layman like me, what good can I make of them? Im thiking of disposing ALL of the Public Mutuals I have when they finally shred their paper losses. From the fund managers capabilities, they wont go high. Its ok if they dont go high, that is not my aim anyway. I just dont want them to make stupid mistakes again. Its ok for me to be my own fool. Letting a fool to manage your money just makes you an even bigger fool.

Im not sure if they can recoup the losses by the end of the year. They better be.

Monday, 25 May 2009

US Visa - Malaysia

Finally I got myself to the interview, after spending 50% more of the initial fee for the cancellations and re-appointments. Managed to pass the interview, easy as ABC. The queuing system there is crap though. There were time slots eg 7.40am, 8.20am and so on. Mine was the earliest, 7:40am coz I dun wanna be stuck in the morning rush. But I was interviewed later than those in 8:20am slots. Dem. Bodoh punyer US ppl. I am even there on time, and earlier than those 8:20am slots ppl. Here;s how they do things - There were like, 3 counters for interviews. 3 different interviewers conducting the interviews. They will just take a whole bunch of names with them, the whole time slot, and interview them 1 by 1. The person who got my slot was slow. A Mat Salleh. Ish. I was hoping the other chainese fella would interview me, coz he seems lenient, and fast. So because mine was with the Mat Salleh, the chainese fella interviewed like, 5-6 ppl and he only interviewed 1. Ugh. Thats y late. Or maybe a curse. Why a curse?

I said bout the cancellations right? Every time I arrange for an interview, somehow I will be forced to cancel it. It gets so annoying, I begin to think its a curse, trying to prevent me from getting a US visa. This time I almost had to cancel too. First was the website having some problems with the online form, by the time I got it fixed, my house printer ran out of paper, and the form was not meant to be saved to the PC, only print online.... So I get to the nearest 7-11, and they told me A4 paper was sold out!!! WTF, So i drove to the next nearest 7-11. This one is weird, first 7-11 having this bank/petrol pump station concept. It was locked, and we had to order our stuffs through a glass counter. Few people was waiting there, and I figured I should wait too, because they have A4 papers. Luckily I didnt get robbed, or I'll be cursing the shit out of the curse.

The next morning, I got up late... 7am. And I need to reach the embassy in Jalan Tun Razak at 7.30am. Really OMG. So I sped and used the shortest route I can imagine. Mines - Jln Klang Lama - North South HW - Smart Tunnel - Embassy. Not really the shortest in term of length, but certainly the shortest in term of time. Thats the ONLY time Im glad Smart Tunnel is there.

Another strange thing happen too. At my parking spot. I was lucky to find a legit parking spot near to the embassy. At a petrol station. It was the only slot left.

When I got out of the embassy, someone, or something moved my car. To this

There was no sign of break in, or damage to the car. The hand brake is still there. Weird. How on earth he moved my car? And to the middle (side) of Jalan Tun Razak, a dem busy road? A myvi took my spot. I wanted to smash its mirror. Coz its fat chances got kaitan with the owner. But nah, nvm. There were no summon, no clamps. Weird indeed. Nothing happened, so I didnt bother.

But how he moved my car leh? No tow truck there oso.

Friday, 22 May 2009

LHDN - Declaring your income tax

One more step into adulthood - declaring your income tax. Slowpoke indeed. Has always been a slow growth person, so a bit slow in taking this step. Ngam ngam declare my 2007 and 2008 income tax only. After so many attempts, FINALLY got it done.

A very big thank you to the staffs at LHDN in Pandan Indah. I have only heard good things about the services by LHDN, never bad. My previous encounters had been so-so. Those were in Ampang branch. Unclear info, ok-ok service.

But in here, I was shocked. I was left wondering, was that even a government agency. The service was so prompt, so detailed, so accurate, so friendly, in short, it was superb. A perfect service in term of customer service. Not only as a customer service, as an organisation dedicated to improve the society, at least within its juridiction. It not only rival those of private sectors, I think it exceeds them. Kudos to them.

On a separate issue, Im getting a tax return instead of a penalty. Muahahah

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Rempits are now thugs

Im impressed in recent reports on cops recommending mandatory jail for road thugs aka rempits. Albeit very much slowpoke indeed, it is still a small step taken by the authority to combat such nuisance. Its not really a nuisance, its a bloody hazard.

Take the death toll for example. Significant numbers of death in snatch theft cases, only now they realise - oh, ada masalah ni. Scums are killing people just to feed themselves for a few meals. Not even pregnant women are spared. Fuck these scums man.... Not that they appeared from nowhere. They are right here on out streets, or living near to us, and the police are aware of their presence. Heck, the police even have their records. MULTIPLE count of snatch thefts and robberies and he still walks. You think a fine will deter them? What bloody nonsense is this? Dont you think they will just kill another pregnant lady to pay the fine? AND kill another to buy a KFC for themselves? dont have to think. It is bloody happening and very much ongoing.

The recommendation of jail is good. But what with the fucking recommendation? Publicity stun? Where the fuck is the implementation? Dont get me started on the implementation. If, IF you are going to send them to jail, please bloody make sure you dont do the stupid things you always do. I'll be kicking myself in the arse if they are sent to the same prison cells. They'll just make friends there and lepak. Chit chatting about their experiences, boasting of the amount of pregnant ladies they snatched from. This is clearly very not constructive way of combating road thugs. Just send them randomly to prison cells. Announce their crime - Mr Ahmad is a rempit who snacthed and murdered a 8 months pregnant innocent woman. Let them enjoice the buttseks. See how heroic they are then.

Again, nice recommendation. Now stop the publicity crap and start implementing. And that Oxford Rempit Supporter. Shut your bloody mouth.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Barisan to release videos of May 7 sitting

50,000 DVD's
I lol at those who paid the taxes for it. Luckily I dont have to pay tax for 2007 and 2008. If not I sure stab myself at the thigh for contributing to such idiocy.

You want a wider and prolonged audience, upload it to the internet. How stupid you can be to not even think of that? Instead, they chose to throw in numbers.

HUIYAAAAA, FIFTY THOUSAND AAAARRR DVD we will distribute to the public.

I guess its really too free for them there. So, where's the budget to buy the multi copiers? The FIFTY THOUSAND AAARRRRR DVDs?
This is even a worse sight than seeing kids..boys...throwing sand at each other during a fight in playing masak-masak!!!! Just about everything is wrong.

Pentium MMX - my dream which never came

Oh man, how do I even start.
I still remember how I dream of having a computer at home. Especially when other classmates have them. The peak of that desire was doing secondary school. Lower secondary. The memory is still so fresh.
at that time, we cant even afford a Pentium II even after Pentium III was out for quite some time. :sigh:
I overnite quite frequently in classmate's house to lepak 2 play computer game. That time no handphone yet la. The era of those water bottle handphone. So sometimes I called home to inform my mum I wont be home for that day. Sometimes, not too convenient. She oso biasa dee. And the overnite thing is very very impromptu. After skool, makan, then joms. No clothes to change. So will be only clad in skool uniform.
Maybe guys will be guys heh?

Long after Pentium III was out, dun say Pentium II, even Pentium I MMX oso cant afford to get. At those time, the MMX words sounded so gempak. At the end, we finally got a Pentium Celeron. I forgot about the spec, but I played hell lots of game with it. Well, not many la. But dem frequent, mastering a few games. Then the 56k internet connection at that time oso. I didnt really abuse the internet like now though. Too expensive. Per minute basis. The charges like handphone nowadays?

Its an entirely different picture now. The top of the line model with matching peripherals. Most satisfying is its bought using my own salary.
How things have changed. Still the same addiction and craziness though.
I still cant believe I played that FFVII continuously, DURING SPM time. PPl burning candle light studying, I burning candle light at the game. Its only 24hours left, eh no. The night itself, I started to search for books. Square Enix sengaja play games with me in releasing FFVIII during STPM......this time better though, 3 days before exam, i started to flip the pages.

I wondered how life became relatively easier. Did the family status rose economically? Did I rose up economically? Or is the whole society enjoying rather a more relaxed state? If the whole society moved, did I move parallel with it, or did I overtook it a lil? Life is still not as easy as it seems though. But certainly a far cry from what it used to be. I used to be more frugal though. I keep every cent; every cent that I have. I always have enjoyed seeing my own jar of coins. The full jar is worth a lot to the little boy I was. I never get to spend those jars though. They were used to pay the bills, household bills, and to put food on the table. nevertheless, the fire never stopped burning. The jars will always be filled, coins by coins.

Im not frugal now though. Jars of coins became booklets. Bank booklets. Whenever the numbers exceed 3 figures, it will automatically drop. Unnecessary things. Unused things are bought and kept aside.

Hmm...interesting turn of events.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Japan 7 days itinerary

Too early to plan dude.
Cant even book a hotel now. Too many months in advance.

Maybe next month only will go and apply for Nihon Visa.
They last time kill and hamsup us Chainese. Now I go there hamsup all the Japanese.

Who have experience or suggestion on a 7 days Japan tour please share share ya.
Arrive at Osaka 1st, then fly back Malaysia through Tokyo.

Why like that leh? Coz like that at least will save 1/2 day on travelling.
Then leh, less baggage if start from Osaka, coz shopping spree should be in Tokyo.
3rdly, tix cheaper if book 2 X single trips as opposed to a return tix. I am very surprising.

Thursday, 14 May 2009