Tuesday, 30 June 2009

MACC - Power Trip Mission

With great power, comes great responsibility.
Thats in comic. In Malaysia, with great power, comes the need of great publicity. They need some "face" or respect and do not feel shame in doing cheap publicity.

ALOR STAR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is expected to reveal several "big" corruption cases involving syndicates soon, its Director of Intelligence Datuk Mohd Jamidan Abdullah said Tuesday.

He said investigations conducted following information received from the public had enabled the MACC to penetrate certain syndicates and discover cases of corruption.

"Revealing these cases is important in meeting the demands of the people for the MACC to be a commission of high integrity following its elevation from the AntiCorruption Agency (ACA)," he told reporters after witnessing the handing over of duties to the new Kedah MACC director at the MACC office here.

Penang MACC deputy director Idrus Jaafar has taken over as the Kedah MACC director from Nooraziah Abdul Manaf who has been posted to the MACC headquarters in Putrajaya as the director of the Inspection and Consultancy Division.

Mohd Jamidan declined to mention any of the cases under probe, saying that the MACC would not reveal any case without concrete evidence.

Meanwhile, Idrus said six public officers in the support group in Kedah were among 19 people arrested by the MACC between January and June this year. - Bernama

I mean, what do you expect us to respond in releasing such statement? WOOOOOO WEEEEEE WOAHHHHHHH????
I dont even want to start doubting if THEY themselves actually taking bribes. Even if I go into a super naive mode to believe them in being squeeky clean. Do they need to trying-oh-so-very-hard to impress?

IF they are doing their work, and IF they are indeed combating corruptions, of course its a good thing. And if there's a publicity on it, sending out warnings to the ppl out there, it is ALSO a good thing.
BUT this. THIS. is entirely a different thing.

You are supposedly the MACC, you do, you catch, you apprehend, you warn.
This is none of the above. This is pasar malam publicity act.

Friday, 19 June 2009


I am feeling damn lethargic these days. I cant even sleep when I know I am not sleeping healthily nowadays. Haihs. My experience tells me its the lack of exercise I need. Exercise meaning sports. Lack of it really is giving out a lot of problems to the body. My shoulder is having some sort of light injury for the past one month. And its not giving any sign of recovery. That alone is bad.

Nothing is really going on in this part of the world. Even if I want to do sports, I dont even know where to start.
Buy a basketball and do solo every week?
Utilise the overspent skate and keep skating?
I think doing both will be ideal, but where do I go?
Its not like they have public place for this kind of things. I dont wanna risk invading private properties here either. God knows what their response will be. A chinese guy invading properties. Doing nothing wrong invited troubles for me before. So making a wrong move will be the least of my priorities.

I should really search for a place. My body will fall all over the place if I dont keep it active as it should be.
Any good indoor sports? Indoor as in inside house/room. Can be done solo.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Unit trust

Finally my Mutual Funds reached their breakeven stage. Some still in the -ve region though, but overall, they are ok.
Im thinking of selling all of them. Channel the funds to another income vehicle. Or should I just keep them?

The share market will get stagnant or pludge in a near futher anyway. Hmm...
If transfered out, where should I channel them to?

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Up n Down

I guess u gain some, u lose some.
Then sometimes you stay static all the time.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

ALAM (5115)

AVP - RM 1.440
TP - RM 1.430

My first stop loss. Sob sob.
I didnt want to bring it to another day trading because I want to queue for another stock.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Streamyx Technical Support

It was quite a funny experience. huhuhu.
A lot of Malaysians prefer to call the operators/technicians and scold them like crazy when their internet connection is down. So far, I dont remember raising my voice to one. Today was not unexceptional. I came home only to discover my internet line is not connected. I tried everything I could on my end. Repair and diagnose, restarting the modem a few times, all to no use.

So I had to call. I was expecting the usual 10 minutes hold. Tetiba somebody picked up at the 2nd dial tone. I am feel so surprising. The guy sounded quite polite and professional too. Most of them are polite, but this one can do some speeking. During the call, there's an announcement of east Malaysia and some part of melaka yadaa yadda will be facing interruptions....for days!! Alamaks, dun tell me my area kena. Still east Malaysia gua I guess. Sama-sama ulu, sama-sama berpokok. I am someone who cant stand wasting unnecessary time, especially in times of inconvenience. So I asked him if my place is affected as per the announcement a few times. If it is, nothing much I can do anyway. He just say he is checking. Then he ask about what XP la, Vista la, as if they are of any kaitan at all. Then ask if my house got alarm system o not la, using phone line or not. He even ask me to take out the phone line splitter and direct connect to test the connection. I just brushed him off telling him it wont work that way. Luckily he agreed. Ignorance is forgivable. I told him to try and reset my port instead.

He tried and confirmed its a problem on their side. My area is not in the interruption area (phew!!!), but my port is having some problem. They failed to reset it. He told me I had to wait for a technician to come over and fix the port manually. 2 days he say. Haihs....

Then I try to connect once again. And I am connected.... sweat
My port did get a successful reset. Kesian the technician.