Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Plight of Malaysian Students

Everytime we hear about Malaysian students get good academic results, we rejoice. But does the result shows our real worth, intellectually? Refer to my previous entry.

Everytime we hear about MCA helping students, or chinese students who deserve but fails to get fair treatment from our Education system, we rejoice. But in reality, is MCA helping the students? Or are we in constant blackmailing from them?

For me, MCA didnt help the students. If they sincerely trying to help, the students, and us, will not be in such a humiliating situation in the first place. I feel like the Malaysia community is held under ransom by the very organisation  which supposed to be representing or help us.
"You dont vote for us, you wont get help"
"You dont vote for us, you dont have representative in the parliment"

Why did the students fail to get what they deserve in the first place? The students incompetence? Or our "wakil rakyats" incompetence?
Why did the students need help to get what they deserve?
Why you need to act like a hero, when you are actually the devil?
Ok, you might not be the devil, but you are the devil's konco.

I plead with the people who rejoice whenever they heard success stories on "MCA helped students blah blah blah" to stop their ignorance. Stop being naive and so easily manipulated by words.

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