Monday, 25 July 2011

Mega Sales!!!!

Oh no!!! The dreaded period is here. 30% here, 40% there. Crap!!!!
Why are the boutiques torturing me? I need to stop spending demmit!! Ok, maybe not to stop spending, I need to stop myself from keep buying, demmit!!!
Although I did already make a few innocent retail purchases. Oh Im doomed.

Do I need a laptop backpack? Need hor? Or dont need? Crap...Say dont need demmit!!! Whatever laptop bag I am using, I am still me. Correct? Say correct demmit!!!

Yay. Yeah...I dont need to buy anything already. I am perfectly fine now. Everything can self sustain itself now.
Good good. So, no more buying ok? OK??!?!
But what about that shoe? Can use for work......oh crap. Fuck off u devil!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Buy for me. You'll feel less guilty and 3 persons happy. Me, you and Pang