Monday, 7 April 2008

Waiting for sea turtles

Its the bertelur season. After the hamsup season, its time for the suffer season. Like in Terengganu, the sea turles will come to shore to bertelur at certain time of the year. In Trinidad, its like erm.... March till July kua.
So I mah ajaks my housemate to Toco to wait for the turtles lo.

In Discoveries n such, the turtle watching is very nice geh. Dinasour-like creatures. Elegant and big. huhuhu.
Such maturity and experience in facing the challenges from the mother earth. Jilakat humans. Destroying the nature.

Anyway, here's one of the scene I took.

The road leading to this place - Toco Beach is very scary wan. Very the dark. The car only have two small chinese man and two aunties. Chamness. But as long as the car dont break down, we should be ok. hohoho.

We departed at 10.30pm, reaching around 12 midnight. Wait wait wait......2.15am. No turtles!!!! So alamaks.
Then got a few cars came. They park their cars facing the sea and on their music very the loud. Jilakats. They came for fishing. :(
Thats why we chose to leave. The turtles wont be coming if like that.

The only consolation is the multitude of stars there. So here's another pic.

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