Thursday, 25 September 2008

Fitness level

I know I have not been in the best form lately. OK fine!!! Not lately but for quite a while. Many instances stuck me back to reality and there's one struck me again just moments ago.

My colleague advised me to try doing pushups in the morning. Or jog/walk around the housing area during the weekends. OMGWTFBBQ!!!!
Those are like advices meant for geezers. Am I degraded to such level?
She laughed when I said I was quite fit before. In fact, very fit.
WTFOMGBBQ!!!! She laughed and didnt believe me. :(

I need to do something real quick. I always managed to do things real quick. Too bad they end up being discarded real quick too.
Aisehman..... I need the discipline to sleep regulary. Exercise consistently.

Dont look down on me. Jilakat.
Before Im back to Malaysia, I wanna be healthy again.
I wanna do 100 pushups again.
I wanna do 25 chinups again.
I wanna do unlimited situps again.