Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Water Water

So jilakat.
Oredi no water for 3 days. The houses around us are having no problem with their water supply. WTH wrong with this house? Hmm...
Actually the cause is known, the solution is known. Just dunno why it happen, and I cant really make myself to solve it. Its "you touch, means you break" policy here. Dem!

So the main pipe was mysteriously altered with. So we called the owner to bring a plumber to re-open to pipe switch. It took them two days to come just to crank a freaking switch. Jilakat.

Then now leh, the water pump is not working. They dun use gravity kinda flow here. All dem lagak maju, use pump. So with the pump not working, the two full tank of water is also useless to me. Jilakat.

So bodoh them. After they fixed the switch, they shuld've filled the pump's backflow with water. With the "watercut" earlier, it will be filled by air instead of water. So there will be no pressure for it to work/suck.

So with all the knowledge on how to solve the problems, Im unable to do anything about it. Jilakat

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