Saturday, 29 March 2008

Unknown Mani

More than a week ago, a sum of mani was banked into my account. I think, think and think. Have no idea where it comes from. Not my salary. Not my bonus. Not a refund of anything. I hold neither an investment nor a property giving a dividend of that kind of value. If have, then I am rich!!! muahahaha.
Kay, so there's one unknown source of mani I have there. I dont know what to do with it so I dumped it into bursa.

Wholla, the price of my share shot up. While everyone is talking about sacpres becoz it is being "goreng-ed", and shooting up n being in the charts n all. I never like those sentiments. Anyway, it was one of my monitored share (bought, not sacpres). Its not in the most active or most gained chart. Of course its not in the most lost too. Its those not very much looked into stock despite having considerable volume. Sei sunway volume is too low now to make it of a much interest. Jilakat ESOS (Employee Share Option Swatwat) set the price fix at RM1.80 summore.

Then a few minutes after I successfully queued for the share, it went down a little bit. Chamness!! Then a few hours later, it shot up and went into the most active chart. Stewpid speculators maybe thinking it is being goreng n wats not. But thanks to them, a day later its in the Top Gainer chart taking number 1 place. Muahaha.

Almost the same scenario as Proton share I bought the last time. The differences - Proton was bought in low volume, so the gain is small despite the perfect lowest buy, highest sell timing. This one is based on the normal not-so-lowest buy and dunno-when-to-sell timing.

I dont really know if I should sell it when the profit is hensem enuf (so i can buy other shares for the growth). Or to keep it till at least middle of this year, or the next dividend payout.
Cham cham. How?

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