Saturday, 19 January 2008

Spineless Creature

We have just received our 2 new Frontiers. And the manggali took one for his own. He just park and reserve the whole unit for his own to use. Although he didnt really have a use for it. Unless you include fetching filiphinoes "chicks (aunties really)" and black locals to the office to ahem ahem. So basically leaving us another unit - for the 5 of us.

The 4 of them will need to go to the quarry. They are the wheels of the quarry, and in the quarry their work will be. And I need to go to the office, to collect a cheque. No cheque, no money. Im the authorised signatory for the company (take that u manggali!) so I will be responsible for the finance welfare of the staffs. The office and quarry is not very near each other. In fact, its bloody far.

So, the manggali selfishly park "his" car in the office (his house after i kicked him out from mine), and told me to fetch the 4 to the quarry and leave them there. Leaving them with neither food, transportation, water nor shelther. What kind of idiotic order is that? The country is a raining country. And a dangerous one. What if there's any accident? Call the not reliable ambulance? They dont really know how to anyway. Food? Pluck fruits from the trees? Water from the river? And 3 of them are just here for less than 72 hours. What kind of manager that makes you? A manggali one that is.

So I took the liberty to bring them out to lunch. And let them tag along to the office where I am supposed to collect the cheque.
I dont know how is that being a considerate human being can offend the manggali. Claiming I am going over his head by not following orders, he went berserk and f*8k me. As usual, I just ok, ok, yaya blah blah blah. No point arguing/reasoning with an idiot. Let him assume he is 100% right. I tried arguing/reasoning. But seriously, no point. Idiot = idiot.

Get me real fed up and I'll make my way back to Malaysia. I treat human as human. If you want me to do otherwise. Im so sorry. I didnt choose to come here. My KL boss asked me to come. He treated me not bad. I am merely lending my hand to him. He needs people to be here. So Im not your toy here. Give me trouble, and I will give you some.

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