Saturday, 5 July 2008

Soup n Prawn

Wolla. Another cooking session.
No la, actually cook for almost every day. But the dishes are very the simple wan. So didnt post only. Then now also posting simple dishes.
One is a soup. Ingredients all from Irene again, I just follow instructions.

Its erm, wat wat white carrot wat soup. Still lack of those sweet taste. And too dilute. Note to self - boil longer.

Then this is another dish. Ingredients by me. Method also by me. So this is my 1st stand alone dish. Muahahaha.
Actually its from the cookbook that we bought. Quite illustrative. Thats why it attracted me - the nub of the nub. I chose this one because I dont have the ingredients mentioned in the other dishes.
So, here goes.

Notice the black prawns? Of course you did. :(((
The "step by step" said deep fry. How the hell I know you must keep the fire low? Thats why when I put the first four pieces of prawns in the oil, they caught fire....
I was shocked!!! Why the hell my prawns caught fire?? Alas, in the blink of an eye, they became african prawn - as wat Meng calls it.
Lesson learnt. Slowed down the fire. and wolla. Amazing golden prawns.

What to cook next?

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