Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Just had a marathon of interviews just now. Its for various of position in the company. Its not the 1st time Im interviewing people. But its the first marathon and fully handled by me.
So its a bit chamness filled with tiredness. Just for info sake - no leng lui involved. If got, oredi hire loo :w:

Anyway. I need a place to blow up. And here I am.
Actually the interview is not that bad. Except there is one girl who really smells. Smells as in erm... in a not very pleasant way. =.="
The thing irked me the most is this call - stupid call.

There's this guy. A full grown man, very, actually over qualified for a fresh job. An engineering degree from the USA, demanding a pay double from the others. Whom I still ask for an interview anyway. If he is really good, I'll hire him anyway.
The thing is, everything was arranged by his mother.
His mother called me to arrange for the interview, called me to ask about the job. Dem, such a mamiboy.

Then, at the interview, out of respect, he is the only one I rejected his job application face to face. The rest, I just left them in the dark. I'll call you kinda thing.

Then after he left, moments later. His mother called. Nagged and complain about why I rejected his son n all. Wasting his effort n all. Blah Blah Blah.
I used my usual tactic. Letting her talk, while the phone is on the table. Occasionally, I will pick it up to see if she is still talking. Sometimes I'll reply "oic", then the phone will be on the table again. Dem irritating. Dem mamiboy that fella. Ugh.
So lastly I scolded the mother, and said I dont haf to justify my rejection to her. She agreed I dun haf to. So i said - K Thks Bye.

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