Sunday, 27 January 2008

Gunung Tahan when I was Young

Found this article quite long ago. And its still here.
So I just thought of putting it here so it wont go into the memory lane.

Gunung Tahan in form 4

Of course I have my own version of it. I do remember some details.
Although we went as a group, its still pretty much quite individual. As per se, its not really a difficult climb. Tough, but not difficult. And the other pansies are too tired too be focused on togetherness anyway. Weaklings.

There's this sleeping bag which I brought along, used and damaged by persons other than me here too. The sleeping bag was a gift, from a girl and it have been with me always. On a side note, I still have it. During the whole journey, I carried it. But used by a fellow member as he fell ill. I have no qualm on that. I have it, so I lend it. It's just that the only period I was not carrying it, it was damaged (the cover). Ugh....

Then there was this senior.... If you notice, the author mentioned something about hornets attack. Well, during that part of the journey, I was running. I was way ahead and never notice any hornets. I was accused of stepping on the hornets' nest while I was on my way. Well fuck them. There was only one way to get ahead. So if you guys are behind, and slow. Its your fault. It will be the same if all are crawling up. Just that all will be stung. Ok, back to that senior. On the way back, again I was running. Until he called me to stop. Wait for the others he said. Well, seems like a mighty fine idea. Until I got bloody stung by one of the hornets. Screw you man. You knew I was in the middle of the hornets' area. Coz they got stung before. So y the f asking me to stop there, neither after nor before. Dem.

There were good people in there anyway. One guy who ran behind me. Never knew he will be the 2nd one to reach the peak!

Oh ya, I fell in love with Kit Kat here. Taste luxuriously tasty over there.

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