Thursday, 4 December 2008


My 1st traffic accident in TnT. Hopefully oso final one. I didnt even drive fast or recklessly. Sometimes I do, but not this time. I am pretty sure the speed is below 70km/h. I was in the third lane of a straight highway. How fast and reckless can it be?

The jilakat in front me sudden brake his vehicle in the middle of the highway. And its a FULL BRAKE. Dem. I know lah his vehicle is the mahal wan. Toyota Harrier. Maybe he want to action action his braking system. Very efficient nampaknyer.
Mine is not that efficient. So BANG. Hentam his the belakang. Then the Harrier action action again. The bumper oni kemek a bit, can be considered as heavy scratch. Mine is heavily kemek. The front bonnet kenot open coz of the kemekness. U know, like wira langgar mercedes lo the akibat.

The driver said got another vehicle sudden brake in front of him. No use. His is a Harrier, mine kereta kecik. How can I see what's in front. And the so called vehicle oso disappear dunno where oredi. Tipu me meh. Sudden brake then dissapear.
I suspect its him too kan-cheong when other ppl brake, so he hafta FULLY brake his vehicle in the middle of a fast lane highway. Baka baka baka.

Nvm, not my vehicle. Report polis, claim insurance

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