Monday, 25 May 2009

US Visa - Malaysia

Finally I got myself to the interview, after spending 50% more of the initial fee for the cancellations and re-appointments. Managed to pass the interview, easy as ABC. The queuing system there is crap though. There were time slots eg 7.40am, 8.20am and so on. Mine was the earliest, 7:40am coz I dun wanna be stuck in the morning rush. But I was interviewed later than those in 8:20am slots. Dem. Bodoh punyer US ppl. I am even there on time, and earlier than those 8:20am slots ppl. Here;s how they do things - There were like, 3 counters for interviews. 3 different interviewers conducting the interviews. They will just take a whole bunch of names with them, the whole time slot, and interview them 1 by 1. The person who got my slot was slow. A Mat Salleh. Ish. I was hoping the other chainese fella would interview me, coz he seems lenient, and fast. So because mine was with the Mat Salleh, the chainese fella interviewed like, 5-6 ppl and he only interviewed 1. Ugh. Thats y late. Or maybe a curse. Why a curse?

I said bout the cancellations right? Every time I arrange for an interview, somehow I will be forced to cancel it. It gets so annoying, I begin to think its a curse, trying to prevent me from getting a US visa. This time I almost had to cancel too. First was the website having some problems with the online form, by the time I got it fixed, my house printer ran out of paper, and the form was not meant to be saved to the PC, only print online.... So I get to the nearest 7-11, and they told me A4 paper was sold out!!! WTF, So i drove to the next nearest 7-11. This one is weird, first 7-11 having this bank/petrol pump station concept. It was locked, and we had to order our stuffs through a glass counter. Few people was waiting there, and I figured I should wait too, because they have A4 papers. Luckily I didnt get robbed, or I'll be cursing the shit out of the curse.

The next morning, I got up late... 7am. And I need to reach the embassy in Jalan Tun Razak at 7.30am. Really OMG. So I sped and used the shortest route I can imagine. Mines - Jln Klang Lama - North South HW - Smart Tunnel - Embassy. Not really the shortest in term of length, but certainly the shortest in term of time. Thats the ONLY time Im glad Smart Tunnel is there.

Another strange thing happen too. At my parking spot. I was lucky to find a legit parking spot near to the embassy. At a petrol station. It was the only slot left.

When I got out of the embassy, someone, or something moved my car. To this

There was no sign of break in, or damage to the car. The hand brake is still there. Weird. How on earth he moved my car? And to the middle (side) of Jalan Tun Razak, a dem busy road? A myvi took my spot. I wanted to smash its mirror. Coz its fat chances got kaitan with the owner. But nah, nvm. There were no summon, no clamps. Weird indeed. Nothing happened, so I didnt bother.

But how he moved my car leh? No tow truck there oso.

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