Friday, 29 May 2009

Colour skin crimes

I hope you guys are not new to the term rempits. Hahahaha. Sorry, couldnt help laughing. I mean, who the fuck dont know what is rempit in Malaysia. Go kill yourself now if you dont know, seriously.

And for obvious reasons, they are not regarded as threat by our government. Even if they snatch, kill and rob. They are just "too bored", "misguided temporarily", and the most hilarious - "future leaders of Malaysia". Well, the future leader statement in my opinion is very true indeed. look at our current ones and compare. They see themselves in them, hence them making that statement. If not, why? hahahaha, fucking hilarious again.

Crimes will only be acknowledge if you are not "future leaders".
For example - AhLong cases. While they are bad ass, but the victims are completely 100% in the blame as well. The innocent family members might not be though. But compared with the 0% blame on rempit victims, this is almost like comparing thieving and rob-kill.

Refer to this Rempit Style and this AhLong style. and our dear PM is worried on the AhLong, while encouraging Rempits. Hold your horses and tackle the right problems if you dont have the resources dude. Let the deserving AhLong victims taste their own medicine for a while and HELP YOUR RAKYATS.

You may think your behaviour and the Rempits are the same but they are certainly NOT our future leaders. This is a problem NEED IMMEDIATE addressing. Even an idiot know which one to worry more.

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  1. haihh....when will they put racial issue aside?