Friday, 22 May 2009

LHDN - Declaring your income tax

One more step into adulthood - declaring your income tax. Slowpoke indeed. Has always been a slow growth person, so a bit slow in taking this step. Ngam ngam declare my 2007 and 2008 income tax only. After so many attempts, FINALLY got it done.

A very big thank you to the staffs at LHDN in Pandan Indah. I have only heard good things about the services by LHDN, never bad. My previous encounters had been so-so. Those were in Ampang branch. Unclear info, ok-ok service.

But in here, I was shocked. I was left wondering, was that even a government agency. The service was so prompt, so detailed, so accurate, so friendly, in short, it was superb. A perfect service in term of customer service. Not only as a customer service, as an organisation dedicated to improve the society, at least within its juridiction. It not only rival those of private sectors, I think it exceeds them. Kudos to them.

On a separate issue, Im getting a tax return instead of a penalty. Muahahah

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