Friday, 29 May 2009

Negative Cashflow

I did a rough calculation on my spending and the result shocked me. I am having a negative cashflow!!!! OMG OMG.
I didnt even put in lavish spendings. Just makan, loan repayments, rental, petrol.
Really the OMG. I dont even know where to cut. Except to eat less. Sweat.

The only other option is to earn more. Hmm.
I dont think a consistent earning in the stock market should be taken into account. I dont think I can pull it off either. I was uncle limming all the while. Even if they are educated uncle limming, it is still unwise to count it as butter n bread. Extra servings of desserts ok la.

So how to earn more? Consistently. Overquotes like invest in education/knowledge not really welcomed. That that Im against the quote, Im against the quoters who just know how to quote. Im having a fair share of cash to make good use of. Not big amount, but sufficient for small plays in various of fields. I just need to find out - which field is good and can provide me of what I want.


  1. if u got good way to earn steady cash, let me know yah..haha

  2. no problem dude. we all welcome extras anytime, anywhere

  3. part time on weekends? >_<

    my bank acc just turun 1 digit WTF