Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Rempits are now thugs

Im impressed in recent reports on cops recommending mandatory jail for road thugs aka rempits. Albeit very much slowpoke indeed, it is still a small step taken by the authority to combat such nuisance. Its not really a nuisance, its a bloody hazard.

Take the death toll for example. Significant numbers of death in snatch theft cases, only now they realise - oh, ada masalah ni. Scums are killing people just to feed themselves for a few meals. Not even pregnant women are spared. Fuck these scums man.... Not that they appeared from nowhere. They are right here on out streets, or living near to us, and the police are aware of their presence. Heck, the police even have their records. MULTIPLE count of snatch thefts and robberies and he still walks. You think a fine will deter them? What bloody nonsense is this? Dont you think they will just kill another pregnant lady to pay the fine? AND kill another to buy a KFC for themselves? dont have to think. It is bloody happening and very much ongoing.

The recommendation of jail is good. But what with the fucking recommendation? Publicity stun? Where the fuck is the implementation? Dont get me started on the implementation. If, IF you are going to send them to jail, please bloody make sure you dont do the stupid things you always do. I'll be kicking myself in the arse if they are sent to the same prison cells. They'll just make friends there and lepak. Chit chatting about their experiences, boasting of the amount of pregnant ladies they snatched from. This is clearly very not constructive way of combating road thugs. Just send them randomly to prison cells. Announce their crime - Mr Ahmad is a rempit who snacthed and murdered a 8 months pregnant innocent woman. Let them enjoice the buttseks. See how heroic they are then.

Again, nice recommendation. Now stop the publicity crap and start implementing. And that Oxford Rempit Supporter. Shut your bloody mouth.


  1. tat day the IGP even say wanna build wat pusat pemulihan...damn idiotic and waste of money..

    anyway is a racist issue, if us chinese/indian rempit, sure kena jailed, tortured liao..

  2. Did you just say a clubhouse?

    And what do you mean by jail? You think police no gun wan meh. Us ar, shot on sight got la. Labeled as sampah, or worse than sampah tim if its us