Friday, 29 May 2009

Intraday Trading

Shit man. I asked my broker about intraday trading on 27/05/09 for the fees and requirements. He only told me the fees will be 0.15% instead of 0.42% or a minimum of RM28. So I mah stepped into the realm of Intraday Trading lo. Started with Huaan, then today KNM. Riskier, but accumulated small peanuts, make big sags of peanuts.

But then again I saw the fees remained at 0.42%, cutting my peanuts by quite a lot!!! I confronted the agent at 9am today and keep sending reminder because he didnt response. He only responded at 3pm!!!!!
He said I need to fill in some form. WTF!!!! Before this why never tell? Now only tell? And so late???

Damn shit man... Public Mutuals agent and fund managers are bullshit. Now own e-trading also encounter bullshits. Non stop bullshit in this dog-eat-dog world man. OT-makes me think of Pulau Ketam.

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