Sunday, 31 May 2009

24 hours notice for Rempits to surrender

As per title......nah, just joking. Rempits will never be apprehended. Because they are "future leaders", they are entitled to snatch, rob, rape and kill. At least within the border of Malaysia. Its in the constitution they say.

Now if you are not in the same ethnic group as them, then you will be hunt down nationwide for your crimes. Whatever crime, cause you are deemed to be "dirty" or "less holy". I got stopped before by police blocks in the middle of the night, and threaten with arrest because I was lepaking with 4 Malay friends. And they say they are trying to promote unity? 1Malaysia? OMFG what a joke! It was a friendly mamaque trip, I am not even the driver, but a passenger. My friends did back me up when the highly efficient crime solving officers threaten to arrest me to the police station for "spreading dirty activities to the Malay friends". The allegation came out of no where. And some of you say I am racist. My foot. See the scenario again. Who I was lepaking with again? Who backed me up? Its the government and its entire entity who are being racist AND promoting racism.

I heard Lim Kit Siang is going to be "questioned" for seditious remarks on the PM. So when are they going to arrest many more BN counterparts for seditious remarks on non-BN cronies? Or seditious remarks are deemed to be racism based handled? Oh wait, forgot. EVERYTHING here in Malaysia work that way.

And for the title - 24 hours surrender notice. Hmm, will there be a surrender notice for rempits? 24 hours notice for a sponsored trip to Taiwan maybe. For those who are not in Malaysia, dont be surprised. Yes, they DO plan to organise fully sponsored vacations for thieves, robbers, rapists and murderers. You just need to have the right lineage.


  1. time i must be careful when eating with my malay collegues lor. :X

  2. wtf u trying to do? influence them bad things? i lokap u then u know