Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Pentium MMX - my dream which never came

Oh man, how do I even start.
I still remember how I dream of having a computer at home. Especially when other classmates have them. The peak of that desire was doing secondary school. Lower secondary. The memory is still so fresh.
at that time, we cant even afford a Pentium II even after Pentium III was out for quite some time. :sigh:
I overnite quite frequently in classmate's house to lepak 2 play computer game. That time no handphone yet la. The era of those water bottle handphone. So sometimes I called home to inform my mum I wont be home for that day. Sometimes, not too convenient. She oso biasa dee. And the overnite thing is very very impromptu. After skool, makan, then joms. No clothes to change. So will be only clad in skool uniform.
Maybe guys will be guys heh?

Long after Pentium III was out, dun say Pentium II, even Pentium I MMX oso cant afford to get. At those time, the MMX words sounded so gempak. At the end, we finally got a Pentium Celeron. I forgot about the spec, but I played hell lots of game with it. Well, not many la. But dem frequent, mastering a few games. Then the 56k internet connection at that time oso. I didnt really abuse the internet like now though. Too expensive. Per minute basis. The charges like handphone nowadays?

Its an entirely different picture now. The top of the line model with matching peripherals. Most satisfying is its bought using my own salary.
How things have changed. Still the same addiction and craziness though.
I still cant believe I played that FFVII continuously, DURING SPM time. PPl burning candle light studying, I burning candle light at the game. Its only 24hours left, eh no. The night itself, I started to search for books. Square Enix sengaja play games with me in releasing FFVIII during STPM......this time better though, 3 days before exam, i started to flip the pages.

I wondered how life became relatively easier. Did the family status rose economically? Did I rose up economically? Or is the whole society enjoying rather a more relaxed state? If the whole society moved, did I move parallel with it, or did I overtook it a lil? Life is still not as easy as it seems though. But certainly a far cry from what it used to be. I used to be more frugal though. I keep every cent; every cent that I have. I always have enjoyed seeing my own jar of coins. The full jar is worth a lot to the little boy I was. I never get to spend those jars though. They were used to pay the bills, household bills, and to put food on the table. nevertheless, the fire never stopped burning. The jars will always be filled, coins by coins.

Im not frugal now though. Jars of coins became booklets. Bank booklets. Whenever the numbers exceed 3 figures, it will automatically drop. Unnecessary things. Unused things are bought and kept aside.

Hmm...interesting turn of events.


  1. now still addicted to PC games meh?

    now i play half way already bored..only keep playing the football game. my only interest.

    ban, that's why i say u rich mar, can afford to buy so many things now.. :P

  2. i oso play halfway bored. but this time is online ma, got human interaction and competition. very different wan.

    Not noob MMORPG la

    Everybadi oso got PC these days. Laptop summore, lagi rich.

  3. i also wan online play..
    can play quake live leh..but stimx damn slow lagging like shit...haih.

    yah, ppl now all use laptop or minilaptops...damn rich lor..haha