Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Japan Day 3-4

Continued from Japan Day 1-2
The Shinkansen ride was lovely. We could see the transition of the urban Japan to the more modern Japan along the way. The first thing that crossed my mind during the ride is - if a war should break out, Japan is very highly to survive. Almost every household have their own small farm for food!! Everyone seems so self-sufficient.

I was already in Tokyo by Day 3. I was trying to cover more of Tokyo area rather than Kyoto-Osaka in this trip. I was lucky to have planned it this way. A typhoon hit Japan and Kyoto-Osaka were badly affected. A lot of buildings were damaged and transportation was totally disconnected for the whole area. Tokyo experienced strong wind but no major damaged were reported. I had to cancel my initial planning and make do of my limited time here. We went to Akihabara because at least most things are indoors.

As expected, we did not miss the maid cafes here. Their kawaii-ness were out of this world!!!! Its feel like a pub, with waitresses n all. Minus the beers and horniness, plus a LOT LOT of mushy and kawaii stuffs. Mew Mew, Phew phew and super high pitch girl voices. Ok, maybe not minus the horniness.
You'll need to spend a lot if you wish to indulge in this kawaii environment. They charge by the hour AND also the food/drinks you order. Good business huh? Didnt scan the pics, so no underage kawaii maid pics for u.
We didnt have any plan for that night so I was just doing my trial on "lost tourist" project. I ended up in a very interesting place called Shin-Osaka (dunno correct o not). At first, I thought its just a dull place with Asian restaurants all over, especially Indian food. A few streets later, I discovered a red light district you can never find in Malaysia. Its sort of like Geylang, but much bigger, indoor, bright, colourful AND more choices, including services for the ladies, more specifically, aunties. There were more guys posters than the chicks. I even wondered if its a gayguy area. Damn sweat.

It was still raining in Day 4. The typhoon was still wrecking chaos in the south. Chamness. We went ahead with outdoor plans as the wind was not too bad then. And I dont wanna waste my money just sitting idle in the hotel.
We went to Meiji Shrine. Nothing much to do here except to witness the serene environment at the city. Its sort of like "Tin Hau Gung" of KL. Minus the altitude, smoke and noise.

Actually Im confused between Shinjuku and Shibuya area. I didnt really know when I was in Shinjuku, and when I was in Shibuya. Or I was zigzagging between them all the while? All I know is I did a lot of window shopping, and also physical shopping.

Im not sure if I mentioned this, but all of our food were of different varieties in the entire duration in Japan. We tried a different style of Tepanyaki where we need to cook it ourselves. Damn. Need to pay, then need to cook. I had no choice but to seek help.

Guess thats the end of Day 4. After makan its just the continuation of shopping shopping and shopping!!
We almost miss the last train home too. Chamness.

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