Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bukit Tabur (again)

It might seems that I am obsessed with this hill that I climb it again and again. The fact is, Im not. Well, maybe I am. Its just that I've yet to find a hill/mountain as interesting yet so accessible as Tabur. Kinabalu is not feasible in monetary terms, Tahan hard to find kaki, and Broga is just too sissyish.

I dont like to write so frequently about Tabur though, else there will be too many posts on it. Not that I take pics everytime I go either. But yet there's always a need for an update. There're so so much clouds lately that I am too devastated to post anything. Just so so much clouds. So much of my efforts or non-efforts going down the drain. Just like that. The positive thing is that I am still sane to remind myself that shits happen. I can start all over again. Its not the end of the world. The silver lining is that I can start over much much better than tonnes of ppl who faced the same predicament as me.

Wait.....whats the connection with the semi rantings with Tabur? Well, not everyone can notice a silver lining in shitty situations. certainly not me by myself. It helps when you have a friend pointing or pushing you to one. Giving you something to look forward to.
So I am looking forward to the next Tabur trip. Actually for any outing for that matters. When will be the next one I wonder. I hope its soon.

Oh ya....I remembered what I wanted to write initially. About my tabur guiding experience. the smallest group I guided before was 1 single person, and the biggest group I brought up before was more than 10 person. Strangers, neighbours, brother, close friends. Not all manage to go all the way up though. There's even once someone fell off one of the rocks in front of my eyes. I thought it was a gg the moment he slipped. Luckily he was stuck in between the rocks. That time was the biggest group I guided. More than 10. Most being 1st timers and strangers. There was like 4-5 different groups of kenalan bundled together to the trip.

Im not sure if the next one can be a little small. Much more smaller.

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