Thursday, 7 January 2010

Avatar 3D

I didnt bother to take a second look when its 1st advertisement was out. With the good reviews, curiousity will always kill the cat. And I just watched it with my friend just now. Its proven that you can ask gals to do any technical stuffs. Despite all the guidance, she insists that there are only a few seats left in all of KL/PJ cinemas. Internet booking, phone, u name it, she's tried it. One quick check revealed that ALL the cinemas are having plenty of seats.
Getting on with the movie.

I cant phantom watching it non-3D after watching the 3D version. It was awesome. Sure, 2D is great as well but 3D was on a whole different level. I used to dread so called "3D movies" because the trying-so-hard effects distract me from the actual movie. I guess movies gearing for 3D versions are maturing fast.

Story-wise it was good. Not as superb as I heard but its good. The ending could've left a bigger impact if the hero dies. Then it'll be the director's trademark - just like in titanic.
Sort of like - the cabin is shatter prove n all. And the only thing the heroine can do is to watch the hero dying inside. They having a few last words, to keep on living or fighting, stuffs like that ala titanic. Then an OST playing behind, titanic style.
I bet it gonna sell more. Many will watch it over n over again - titanic effect.

No cun chick though. Sad case.

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