Monday, 4 January 2010


Hmm. In KL now. Till the 10th perhaps. And now its only the 4th. I was just thinking - What? tomorrow is already the 5th?!!? 4th and 5th is so far apart for me somehow. Today is still early. Tomorrow is already so late. Such an unstable state of mind.

Just like yesterday in Lum's wedding. Actually in every wedding, I dont really drink. I have had a bad experience with the man in uniform previously, long ago. I dread everytime I think about having liquor then having to drive home. Yesterday I was trying to yumseng like I was the host. Chamness. Luckily no one took up my challenge. Luckily there wasn't any beers around too. Mixture of spirit, wine and beer will do wonders to most people. Not me me thinks.

I've got tomorrow and a day planned. Lets see about the rest.

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