Friday, 20 August 2010


It has been a long crazy journey, and now its time to come back to the drawing board. How to move forward, in terms of my career. It is also odd, and fortunate that 3 offers came up simultaneously. Three of them are of a similar position in different companies.

The 1st one gives the most freedom and authority. I am free to make decisions, almost everything will be completely up to me. Too bad the employer is in a bit (a LOT) of a hurry to get someone in, I had to reject the offer. He couldn't even wait several days for a confirmation. I was 'hired' on the spot and somewhat started working on that day itself. I was waiting for the other two offer/interview.

The 2nd one is with a bigger company, bigger responsibilty but with more restriction on my authority level. But the should be the more glamourous in term of career position level. The money is the same as the 1st offer, not too lucrative. I will have a few months of oversea (India) stint though. Part of the job, part of the company's project.

The 3rd one will be with the most money, around 25% more. Also with some oversea stint (Fiji), but this one is the one with the most restrictions. I am guessing this will be the one with the hardest work of all.

I am now torn between the 2nd and 3rd option. I have to make a decision by the weekend. I am not sure of what I want.
The safer road is to take the 2nd. Long term stability with a slow pace.
The 3rd road will be riskier. Messing up here might practically ruin everything, including career opportunity in the future.
Decisions decisions.......

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