Tuesday, 5 January 2010


This is a long long due post. I was too bz (lazy) to post this up. I was thinking that I should edit the pictures before posting anything on the web. I gave up. I dont have the patience to edit so many pics. So I'll just post a short review on my trip there.

The 1st day I was there, I was welcomed by hordes n hordes of leng luis. Leng zais oso got but I didnt really notice them. Their profiency in english is very good too. Almost everyone know what I was saying and able to give me feedbacks. Nice.
My first real bento

Eh, I realise that I am now seeing impressive photos from my mum's camera. I thought its mine. My memory is getting worse.
So for this post, I'll just spam with her pics which you'll never find from my camera.

I uploaded all and waited so long only for blogger to fail me and uploaded just one.
Crap. Well, just head to my FB to view the pics. Sweat

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