Sunday, 7 November 2010

Increment, or decrement??

I overlooked something important before I jump to the new company. Well, I didnt actually overlook it, I just didnt know the impact of it.
Instead of having a huge salary increment, I ended up with a low one.

The culprit? Tax bracket.
It seems that my current tax bracket, is having a HUGE different with my previous one. So in maths, or accounting terms,
Instead of New Salary >> Old Salary,
it is now (New Salary-New Tax) little bit > (Old Salary-Old Tax).

The worse thing is,  I dont really feel what I am paying worth anything at all (to the government that is). I used to pay next to nothing (actually it is more like RM 0.00) to the IRB. Since I am paying shit, I am used to shitty environment and policies around me. In fact, I have little complains on National issues. I used to justify the lifestyle other countries are enjoying because of their high taxes, and that they are worth it.

Now that I am paying good money to the government, I am starting to feel pissed of on just about everything I can think of about my living condition there.
As if it is not enough being unappreciated, I am often accused, reprimanded, and assaulted for all sorts of allegations thrown by the a-little-earlier immigrant of this nation.

Can I choose where to contribute my taxes to?

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