Saturday, 26 May 2012


Day 3 - Cambridge!!! Rival of Oxford where Yong Fei was doing his law. A continuation from Stratford trip Day 2 of course. The environment here is quite different than both Oxford and Stratford. Its very erm.... medieval-like kinda city. All the grand buildings, with different kind of freshness in the atmosphere. Brilliant.

We met up with his friends there, 2 of them, also Malaysian. It seems that most popular conversation topic for Malaysian undergrads/grads there is - getting a permanent job in UK. Understandable. After all the years spent over there, even more understandable. The quality of life is just totally different. You pay taxes there, but you will feel that its money well-spent....unlike going back home, you know? But then, lets get back to the topic shall we? Cambridge!!! Most of the photos will be revolved around a river. Sort of like Oxford, but here we get others to "drive" for us. Many students here earn some pocket money by doing part-time jobs. Like erm..a river taxi.

These boats will use the streams running through the backyard of houses, shops and schools.

Where are the rubbish eh?

Beautiful architecture along the trip

Quite a popular past time here

A few of the faculties along the way

The one who was paddling our boat is a Cambridge undergrad, doing some part time job. Kinda superman lookalike. Tall, well-built, handsome, perfect hair, articulate. Quite strange though when he wet himself in the middle of the journey. Some sort of kidney disease he said.

After that we just jalan-jalan around the area visiting the bigger campuses. Apart from that, didnt really venture much. This is the last day I kept Yong Fei busy. The next day - London!!!

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